Up and at ‘em

18 July , 2011


Twinkle toes!

201107092453 She also got onto this chair all by herself. 🙂 And even sat on it.

201107092458You’ve got no hope of feeding Nicola anything anymore – she wants to do it HERSELF. Sometimes she eats quite well (her spoon technique has really improved a lot), sometimes she just wants to paint the counter with it. Either way, don’t dare try and help! 😆

Of late she has this things he does with a dish rag too. When she’s had enough she knows I’ll still try and coax her into another bite or two, so she throws the cloth over the food to hide it from me. When she does that I know she really means it, so I don’t push.



  1. LOL! My L get’s up and take his plate to the kitchen.

  2. She is just too cute and is looking much better. Are the meds still doing the trick?

  3. Well that’s handy. 🙂

  4. gaby, nope…we’re both sick as dogs right now again. At least no fever for her this time. If we can make it through this round without antibiotics I think we’ll see some real progress.

    Keep your fingers crossed…

  5. Too precious!

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