Too cute – there’s no such thing

17 July , 2011

201107092445It hasn’t escaped my notice that there are a lot of these shots at the moment. My only explanation is that when she has a towel wrapped around her she can’t run, and a moving target is much harder to take a proper picture of? That and it’s so darn cute of course.

201107092447 Oupa is trying his level best to watch some rugby but Nicola wants to read to him while he does it. 😆

201107092449Stepladder = irresistible!  I think we are fast approaching the age where jungle gyms will become a reality?



  1. I definitely see jungle gyms in your future!

  2. I definitely see jungle gyms in your future!

  3. I don’t know if my nerves are ready for that yet…

  4. Dont’ stop with the towel pics – they are too kyooot! She looks so serious in this one, all bundled up.

  5. She watched happy feet while i get on with the cream, powder, dressing and brushing her hair bits of the activity. It distracts her enough that she doesn’t even put up a fight. Have you watched it recently? Some bits of that movie is quite serious. 😉

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