Hot hot hot! Okay maybe just hot hot…

16 July , 2011

201107072438No particular reason why I’m showing you this – it’s just the bit of the city that I see first when I drive in every morning. 🙂

201107082443Chin suggested that we try Tandoori Chicken for our EatShitFriday. Having never tried it before, I was pretty certain that it would be one of those My-Head’s-On-Fire-Oh-My-Word-This-Is-Hot! type of meals but I let myself be talked into it anyway.

I volunteered to go with Chin to pick up the birds. It was quite an experience. He drives quite aggressively in his little Atos. Chin tells me that in India you used to first get your lisence and then learn how to drive! 😆

201107082444And there it is. The food was actually pretty good – even though I had to keep some milk handy to eat it. On a scale on 1 to 10 I’d put the spiciness on a 6 or 7. The fact that it’s bright red should be an indication. 😉



  1. I like a bit of curry now and again

  2. I think most people handle it better than I do. 😉 I’m a wuss…

  3. I have heard that driving in India is a life changing experience!

  4. Chin tells me that even public transport can be like that. He says in India you don’t have to get on the train – if you stand close enough people will just shove you in, and the same goes for getting off again.

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