12 July , 2011

We had an interesting surprise yesterday afternoon.

Nicola and I walked outside to greet my parents when they arrived. I was still busy pushing the gate completely out of the way when I saw Nicola bending down to pick something up…a rat!

Hahaha! All hell broke loose. At least it was a dead one? I got her to drop it by shaking her arm and off we went with Ouma to go give her hands a thorough scrubbing, leaving my dad to sort out the recently departed rodent. 

I think he must have nibbled on the poison in the roof, and instead of dropping where he ate managed to make it all the way to the front door before croaking. It was all rather a matter of timing, he definitely wasn’t there when we got home about half an hour before that.

My mom dumped almost a whole container of liquid hand soap on Nicola and we washed her hands good and proper. Rats on their own, not the cleanest anyway, and I don’t want her to get any of the poison on or in her either! (this is exactly why at our cottage I have had to learn how to kill spiders with either a shoe or a text book, and I am much more afraid of them than of rats – I don’t even stock any poison, just in case).

Nicola enjoyed playing in the water, but was quite confused about why everyone would get so excited about a mouse (mouse being the nick name that I call her and so on). She asked me where it was and I told her that he was with his mother. She seemed okay with the explanation, so we left it at that.

Never a dull moment… 😉



  1. Hahaha, love it!!! at least you had the courage to shake her hand i would have been running in the oposite direction… I guess you feared for her safty before thinking about anything else. I really do hate rats and get the fright of my life if they are around.

  2. gaby, luckily I’m not really afraid of rats…I’m not fond of them either, but they don’t terrify me. 😉

  3. HA!!! We went for a walk on Monday and Kiara “found” a dead rat on the path!!!! I may have yelled rather too loudly DONT TOUCH!! They are yukky things!!!!

  4. Laura, they have a knack of “finding” these things, don’t they? I’m trying not to freak out about spiders, rats and other creepy things when I’m around Nicola – maybe she’ll grow up not to be paralysed with fear everytime she encounters something with 8 legs like I do? I’m pretty sure I didn’t start out terrified. 😉

  5. Eeeeuuuuuwww

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