Hair raising…

7 July , 2011

…from the dead that is.

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned to you that I’ve been shedding like crazy for a while now? Well, I have.

Last night my dad politely points out to me that it might be time to get some help on my hair loss situation, maybe from the homeopath the next time I go there with Nicola. Way to boost my self-esteem. Anyhoo, he’s probably right though.

Other than medical intervention I reckon it might be time for a chop too? I’m thinking of going MUCH shorter than it is at the moment (after the next payday that is). Of course I need your help kids. I’ve put together a tiny selection of choices for you to vote on (plus a comment section if you don’t like any of them). Please go vote about what you think might look good on my head (I might not listen, but I’d love to know what you think anyway). Keep in mind that I like low maintenance hair (which is probably why I end up only cutting it once a year). It must be the kidn of thing that can live with wash and brush only, no funny products, and preferably no special tools (hair driers included).

Right…off you go…vote, vote, vote! 😉

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  1. I think 1 will look cool on you 🙂

  2. I can’t imagine you with anything other than long hair! Your hair is straight right?

  3. Lou, have you tried products like Nioxin or Nisim?

    I personally use Nioxin. Not because I need it, yet, but purely from a “prevention is better than cure” point of view.

    I have also heard that Horse Shampoo works wonders. Gaby’s friend, Lauren, uses it and she has beautiful hair. I am thinking of getting myself a bottle, just to try it out. Ha ha!

    Good luck with the hair debacle. I’m sure it’ll work out 😉

    (PS: Hair Style number 4 is hot, but, as you well know, I favour long hair too)

  4. Laura, thanks 🙂

    Angel, my hair used to be straight before Nicola. Now it has a kink in it. See my fb profile pic – it’s very clear on there.

    Hans, I haven’t tried any of those – I’ll definitely look into it, thanks. I personally like my hair long enough that I can at least tie it back, but I think this is giving me an excuse to just do that and nothing else?

  5. Wow that is seriously short!!
    I agree with Hans. Try something first. I cut my hair short like it is now, because of hairloss… and eventually it was all hormonal.
    If the shampoos don’t work, then ask your GP to run some tests to see if they can solve it. Are you taking iron? That’s often a cause. Get good stress supplements and iron etc from Solal… they’re the best on the market (were prescribed by my endo for my hairloss)

  6. Jenty, I’ve been for the tests – he couldn’t find anything missing except folic acid. I took that for a couple of months but it didn’t really make a difference. I’ll keep looking, but I also think it’s probably hormonal, and it will probably correct itself eventually – but I’ve been thinking about going shorter for a while now. (actually some days I think about just shaving it off even!) 😉

  7. Wow. It would totally freak me out to see you with short hair. Having a slight kink in my own hair, post pregnancy, I think the styles that would be the lowest maintenance would be 6 and 7. 6 is my fav though 🙂

  8. I’ve had short hair before…granted it was like a million years ago, and I had lot more hair. I’ll show you the photos next time I see you? It’s not that scary, I promise. 😉 Thanks for voting cuzzie!

  9. You are not 40 so should banish hairstyle #4 from the selection as sson as possible!

  10. Debbie, 😆 noted. You really really really don’t like that one!

  11. I LOVE 7! THat is all.

    Funny J mentioned So.lal. To me they seemed dodgy and too non-scientific 🙂

  12. 7 Seems to be the crowd favourite at the moment. 🙂

  13. Horse shampoo apparently does help. My ex-boss used it after chemo. Problem is it comes in a MASSIVE bottle – horse-sized 😉

  14. I’ve seen those bottles – it’s about the same size as a bottle of Tres Emme’? Someone I know used it last year, maybe it’s a different kind? It didn’t really give him more hair, just made what was left look thicker and shiny. (he didn’t run the Durban July or the Met either). 😉

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