Everyday Nicola

7 July , 2011

201106232343Picking Oupa’s flowers. It’s nice to have a splash of colour around in winter. After swinging it around enthusiastically shouting, “Pluk! Pluk! Pluk!” for a bit, Nicola looked uncertain about what to do with the flower next. We ended up “planting” it again somewhere else – but it didn’t take unfortunately.

201106252348Looking quite serious…waiting for Mickey Mouse to come on.

201106252349Sometimes your dinner needs to spread out a bit before you can properly enjoy it. After a week of not being able to keep down anything but cereal I thought we’d try some scrambled eggs. Nicola is not a fan…we ended up going with the cereal again.

The new meds seem to be working just fine. She’s looking a lot more lively, she’s sleeping again and even her appetite has improved. We should have gone with the homeopathic stuff a long time ago.



  1. Yay for a much happier Nicola!

  2. She’s like a different kid now that she feels better again. Hardly any tantrums even, bliss…

  3. Her hair is growing so quick now!!

  4. Yip, growing like a weed!

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