On four eyes…

6 July , 2011

So yesterday was the first day that the glasses began to feel like they belonged on my nose. Also the first time that everything wobbled after I took it off for the day (I don’t get time to read when Nicola is awake anyway and she’s already mangled my shades so I’m not letting her loose on these!), so I know they are actually doing something.  

It’s kind of strange how they make me feel too. Many moons ago I used to work for a company that made its employees wear safety goggles in certain areas. It annoyed the crap out of me, but it did make me feel a bit invincible too at the same time. I feel somewhere between that and a sexy librarian about these ones, but also fairly serious. When I put them on, it’s all business and no play (probably because so far I’ve only worn them at work).

I really just want to say that I feel empathy for anyone who wears goggles all day. Before this I never really applied my mind to the fact of what that actually entails. And you folks who are brave enough to shove lenses into your actual eyes have all my respect. I don’t think I have the right eyeball shape for it to begin with, which is probably a good thing because I can’t even put drops in my eye without closing it first! I’m a wuss.

I wonder if anyone’s ever done a proper documentary on glasses, something like the secret life of spectacles. I am particularly interested in how they get dirty all by themselves. For instance when I take mine off at the end of the day at the office, I clean it. Then I meticulously stash it in its pouch-thingy. Come the next day when I open it up the bloody things are dirty again, and not just a bit of static dust either, filthy! Might as well save myself some trouble and just clean them in the mornings?

It’s been a big adjustment for me. I now have one buggy ear on the right hand side, and one buggy eye on the left. In all things balance Daniel-son, right? 😉



  1. i’ve worn specs since I was 12 so a good 25 years now. Eeek!

    The only time they bother me is in the rain if I don’t have a cap 🙂

    Other than that, I’m good.

    When are we getting a pic?

    PS this no-sleep thing is not a good look for you 🙂
    PPS okay back to work for me

  2. Haha!! Welcome to the world of specs! I’ve been wearing mine since the age of 3 and the cleaning part still irritates me! There is no magical solution 😦

  3. Marcia, aaah yes….went out for lunch with a colleague yesterday and I saw that it was drizzling, so I took them off and went bare-faced. 😉 I have taken a pic and it’s in the queue of picture posts, promise. I think I could probably take a better one now, but that one was the first one that I took the day I got them.

    PS! I know! I need at least 5 hours or I look/feel like a train wreck.
    PPS! Don’t work too hard. 😉

    Wanette, okay so it’s not just me then. I was starting to wonder about my pouch or my cleaning skills at the end of the day.

  4. Oh I want to see a nice pic of you with your glasses. I have to read with mine (some times), but the rest I am still ok. Think of my little L who has been wearing glasses since he was 12 months old.

  5. LOL at them getting dirty all by themselves! When do we get to see yours?

  6. cat, shame man – that’s tough!

    Angel, they really do!

    Ps! By popular demand I will make sure the picture of them goes up tomorrow, ‘kay? 😉

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