Helping out here and there

6 July , 2011

201106192314 Helping Ouma out with some sewing.

201106202322  201106202323

This is us waiting outside the homeopath’s rooms. Look at my lovely bloodshot eyes (a week or more of no sleep will do that to you), I really pull off that look I think? 😉 I almost had to push the car home by the way…we were a bit early so Nicola was sitting on my lap playing with the steering wheel and I was so alert that I didn’t notice that she had switched on the lights during her “driving” experience.



  1. Ag flip, sleep derivation….

  2. Not for sissies hey? 😉

  3. Well, they’re not glowing so I think you’re still okay here… 😛

  4. 😆 True…

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