5 July , 2011

I am feeling very glum today – I blame the weather. I actually have nothing to mope about. Nicola is doing great on the new meds, I’m healthy, my laundry is more or less up to date…but it’s bloody cold and miserable.

I am sooo over winter. (can’t wait for summer so I can moan about the mosquitoes – it’s that bad! – and there’s still almost two months of winter left to get through).

In other news the flu seems to be running through this floor like a wildfire! Almost a third of the desks are empty today. I may or may not be somewhat responsible for this, I stayed off a whole week with the flu but I wasn’t feeling 100% yet by the time I came back. Oops. Maybe I should have stayed in bed a bit longer?

Anyway, enough about that. I have a question for all you peeps who provide meals to little people: What the hell do you cook? For instance what are you planning on feeding your little person/s tonight? I need some inspiration, and it can’t be spagetti bolognaise because we had that last night. Personally I feel like just having a glass of sherry and a slab of chocolate and heading straight for bed where it’s warm(er) – but that’s not an option either. 😉



  1. My kids eat pretty much what we eat – I offer them whatever we eat (I might tone down the spices somewhat). They have to at least taste it. If that fails, there is always yogurt and a cheese samie. Or the answer to all mom’s problems – 2 minute noodles.

  2. Hahaha, two minute noodles! I forgot all about that one. Nicola’s back up meal if she doesn’t like what I made is either yogurts, cereal or cheese. If she doesn’t want any of those she’s usually sick.

  3. Hi Louisa, ja, dis nie lekker om Kaapse weer in Gauteng en Vrystaat te kry nie nie? Dis half of ons verneuk word, want waar is Die Berg?LoL!!
    Gaan loer bietjie by my nuwe blog, http://dieskribent.wordpress na Luke se verjaarsdag boodskap en kyk sommer hoe groot het hy geword. Nicola is pragtig! Wens ek kon haar in lewende lywe sien. Mens weet nooit, ons is mos nou nie meer duisend+ kms van mekaar? Mooi dag vir jou.

  4. lief jou blog! Baba kry mammamelk … En boetie eet wat ons eet. Hy hou van stokkievleisies – sosaties, so as ek wil he hy moet groente eet moet ek dit op n stokkie druk 😉 visvingers, chicken nuggets, pasta en mince, mielies aan die stronk, baba tamaties, kaas, appels, hoenderboudjie aan die been – lyk soos hagar die verskriklike – en chops aan die been. Oook aartappelwiggies in die oond gebak en gevriesde ertjies. Hy eet goed as ek prentjies met sy kos op die bord maak. Wortels word vuurballe en visvingers maak goeie treine. Maar hy is n goeie eter.

  5. Ours eat what we do but the next night as I cook too late for them.

    T – cottage pie
    W – chicken a la King and rice
    T – pasta with bacon and tomato
    F – lentils, rice and butternut

  6. Skribent, dis aaklig. Ek vries my gat af! (En ek mis nogal die kaggel en wyn wat saam met dit gegaan het in die Kaap). 😉 Sal bietjie kom inloer by jou nuwe nes.

    Esmeralda, dankie maat. 😀 Klink vir my jou kos is heel entertaining, geen wonder mannetjie eet so goed nie. Nicola eet baie goed oor naweke maar nie so goed in die week nie, want ek dink sy eet heelwat by die skool. Sy’s op haar gelukkigste wanneer sy pap kan kry, maar mens kan ook nie elke aand pap eet nie?!

    Marcia, that is actually a very good plan. I used to do that – but I fell a bit behind when we were both sick since I didn’t feel like cooking, i just crawled into bed whenever Nicola did and made do the next day with whatever could be slapped together the fastest. Thanks for the examples. 🙂

  7. Arkbaby is a terrible eater. She doesn’t like veggies and will put anything in her mouth, as long as its not food. She does love 2 minute noodles though. And we’ve gotten away with hiding certain things (like left-over spagetti bolognaise) between two slices of bread. We make up for her horrid diet with plenty of fluids and a multivitamin 🙂

  8. How about a nice steak with all the trimming, to which Nicola will pull up her little face and tell you to eat it 😉

    Don’t have a little on yet, but I know my nieces like, Cottage pie…noodles & bacon…cheesy noodles…butternut surprise (butternut hidden in a mix of noodles, cheese and mince 😉

    I actually had a recipe book for toddlers once…need to see where it is, then I’ll share 🙂

  9. arkwife, 😆 sneaky sneaky. The bread thing won’t work on Nicola. She enjoyes bread…but only after she wipes the cupboard/floor with it and when it’s in tatters.

    Natasha, the steak thing sounds great! 😀 I am a bit over mush food right now. Pumpkin is the one thing Nicola really doesn’t like, even butternut. If I want to sneak that in anywhere it has to be just about invisible. If you find your recipe book please share – I’d really appreciate that.

  10. I was always quite happy to have the same thing two days in a row if the knucklehead would eat! He wasn’t fussy, but he often wasn’t hungry!

  11. Have you seen those spaghetti octopus things with vienna sausages?

  12. Oh yeaaaah – I’ve seen that, but I haven’t tried making it yet. Must give that a shot – plus viennas is one of the things that Nicola finds irresistable in general, so it should be a winner.

  13. James eats whatever we eat. If it’s something he might have difficulty chewing for lack of teeth, then I use my Magic Dzzzzjjjjhht Stick (handheld blender thingy) to mush it up for him.

    Otherwise, I just seperate out a portion of whatever meat we’re having before it gets too heavily seasoned, with some of the veg & dzzzzjjjjhhht it up with some 2 minute noodles…

  14. MeeA, hahaha – LOVE the sound effect! 😀

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