Chilling with Ouma and Oupa

5 July , 2011

201106182305Snooze time with Ouma.

201106252351TV time with Oupa. Nicola even managed to convince Oupa to change the TV from a sports channel to Mickey Mouse! (and if you know my dad, you’ll realise that this is not a small thing)

201106182306 Speaking of sports, look what Ouma got Nicola. Personally I don’t watch any sport, especially rugby, but Nicola seems to enjoy watching it with Oupa. Sparrow says we shouldn’t be surprised if Nicola gets a Stormers shirt for Christmas. 😆



  1. Then she ca be a Stormer/Bulls fan like our Princess who can not bend to the pressure to choose between mom and dads teams

  2. Luckily Nicola doesn’t have any additional pressure to choose any team I like.

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