Dum dum duuuuuum (weekend wrap-up)

4 July , 2011

The workshop which I had been dreading last week actually came and went without much incident. Actually, I ended up having quite a bit of fun at it. 😉

Just thought I’d throw it out there in case you were wondering.

The purpose of the workshop was to compile a team charter of sorts and to set some ground rules for conduct of the members. Naturally at some points it degenerated to bitching and moaning sessions (some even encouraged), but it all turned out okay in the end. I left at 18:00 and my GPS took me on a scenic route through the CBD home. I think when it comes to city roads, my GPS thinks it has to hit a minimum of 5 one ways and at least 1 U-turn to make it worthwhile? Anyhoo, got home eventually where my mom had been kind enough to pick Nicola up from school and feed her so long, for which I am very grateful.

On Saturday we tried something new. I saw mention of Tres Jolie on Jozikids and it looked like a nice place to try out with Nicola. Finding a real kiddie friendly venue is harder than you think. Some places think that after they whack in one of those funny tube things with the ball pits they can call their place kiddie friendly – but I don’t agree. I like a place where I can see my girl running around and having fun, if she climbs all the way up into one of those tube things and can’t get down, who do you think will have to get up in there after her?! And I don’t like ball pits either.

Tres Jolie was lovely, thank goodness. They have a little farm yard set-up, with pony rides, and a playground with a jungle gym, little bikes, rocking horses, jumping castles, sand pits and more. There is a dedicated kids menu with sensible things on that my kid will actually eat, and not at an arm and a leg either. And the grown-up food wasn’t half bad either. I’m quite glad we went to go check it out, we’ll definitely be going there again. (The photos will obviously trickle trough at their own pace again, sorry).

Sunday was very laid back too. My friend Fluffbunny came over for coffee, and we had a family dinner at my parents’ place in the late afternoon. Nicola’s been a real sweetheart, hardly any tantrums since she started feeling better and she’s learning new words at a rate of knots! She’s even stringing together a few sentences, which are just so damn cute. The word that opens the most doors for her at the moment though is “please”, she’s been using thank you for a long time, but please just started featuring about a week ago, and don’t think she hasn’t noticed what effect it has either. There’s just no saying no to that one yet!

What I enjoyed most of all this past weekend was not having to be anywhere at a specific time. We just went anywhich way the wind blew us and it was very relaxing. I am definitely planning a lot more “do nothing” weekends in our near future. 😀

How was your weekend?



  1. So glad you had a good time – my first free weekend is 21 Aug! Technically 6th but that’s my bday and then 13th I want to do a workshop!

    I can’t wait for some free time but all 4 of our birthdays in a month will do this to you.

  2. Sjoe! That’s a long way away. Is the 6th your birthday? Mine’s on the 8th, and I absolutely refuse to attend anything over that weekend too (has caused some unhappiness let me tell you). I’m actually toying with the idea of going away since I took the Monday off as well.

  3. Do nothing weekends are heavenly! We schedule one a month!

  4. I used to schedule at least one day a weekend for that and I really miss it. I think I’m going to pick that habit up again going forward.

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