Photos from last week

30 June , 2011

I’ll do a ramble post later – but here are some more photos from our hellish last week if you’re interested. Man! I’m so glad that’s over.


On one of our numerous doctor’s visits. I really feel like I should own shares in Medicross by now.

201106152294The doctor reckoned that the throwing up was due to a bladder infection but she wanted to do a test to be sure. Have you ever tried to collect a urine sample off a little person of 18 months who’s not potty trained? It’s about as much fun as you imagine. They tape a little bag to her nethers and then mom gets to try and make her pee. Even with close to a liter of fluids, and the sound of running water Nicola can hold it (while complaining) for an hour and a half! You could look at it as frustrating…or…you could look at it as a sign of excellent bladder control which will come in really handy when we start going off the nappies for good soon. 😉

20110625023Us, both feeling crap. Taking a much deserved nap. We actually just got out of the bath and didn’t plan a lie down, but it happened and we just went with it (we dozed off watching Space Chimps – again). My mom took this photo of us.



  1. That urine collection thing is really not fun! Glad you are both better now.

  2. Yeah…it’s a silly little invention – and not very effective from what I could tell. I am so happy that we’re done with all of that now. I really don’t want to have that week over again if I can help it.

  3. WOW you can see how big she is getting in that last picture 🙂

    Shame man – she really has had a rough time!

  4. Laura, of course she’ll always be my baby…but she a real little girl now! They grow up so quickly.

  5. I know this comment is a little late, but next time you need urine ask then to put in a “kateter” – cant think of the english word for it now.

    It does not hurt and it takes 2 minutes.

    glad to hear things are going better now.

  6. Yikes…that seems quite extreme. I had my first one of those when I had Nicola, not something I’d like repeated just for any old reason. Hopefully she potty trains before we need another one? Thanks for the heads up though.

  7. Sleeping is good when you’re sick!

  8. Right now I feel fine, but I’d still like to try my hand at hibernation. Winter sucks!

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