Some really bad weather

15 June , 2011

Hopefully by the time I finally get round to blogging this the awful weather will have moved on already. Cold…and wet…not usually reserved for JHB at the same time – this is more a cold and dry kind of place.

201106082233 When you start your day off with this kind of sky you know it’s going to be hectic.

2011060822363,5 hours to work?! Everyone driving like a NEVIN. Not fun. This is the back road I take which usually doesn’t have anyone on it – JAM PACKED!

201106082237A river runs through it…of course this did not help my traffic one little bit. This is usually the 10min away from the office mark – this round that marked the 2 more hours spot!


Same day’s afternoon – crazy…this is what our winter weather usually looks like, maybe with a bit more wind, but you get the idea. I don’t mind wet and cold winter weather, but JHB is just not geared for it.

Ps! I blame the chaos in Japan for this weather by the way. If a butterfly flapping it’s wings on the other end of the earth can cause a storm can you imagine what moving the entire axis of the earth by 10-25cm can do?!



  1. Shit this just looks horrible!!!!

  2. It’s about as much fun as it looks. 😉

  3. Gosh, 3.5 hours? Serious question, how do you do it?

  4. I smoke and read emails… I’d take up drinking in traffic but that’s frowned upon. Actually i think the emails are also frowned upon, but if the car’s not moving anyway i don’t really see the problem.

  5. Unbelievable! I count my lucky stars that I don’t have to drive in traffic anymore!

  6. I think it’s definitely time to start hatching an escape plan myself. 😉 I am tired of the slog getting to work and back everyday. Why can’t I be productive from my bed in my pajamas?!

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