What photo? There’s no photo.

14 June , 2011

I just reminded myself that I actually wanted to tell you this story before I forget again. There’s no photo to go along with it, which is probably why I could forget to tell you. Usually when I dump the week’s photos on my laptop it serves as a nice reminder of what I’ve actually kept myself busy with all week.

One of my colleagues, A, recently sent us an email with the menu for the court’s canteen in it. The magistrates’ court is really close to our office so last week Friday together with another colleague, B, I decided to go test it out.

We got inside easy enough when we said where we were headed, and as we made our way through the dingy passages towards the canteen we saw some fairly interesting things. There are two HUGE Pierneef paintings on the wall from 1940. One showing town as I suppose it looked way back then and the other the surrounding countryside. These paintings, like everything else there, is pretty run down though. The town one has massive water damage on the one side too, so I think the roof could probably do with some TLC too.

Anyway, I thought I’d take a photo to show you all what I saw so I snapped one quickly with my phone – of the passage, not even the paintings. Next thing all hell broke loose and the security were on me.

Apparently it’s illegal to take photos of the passages of the court. Did you know that? I didn’t (or I might have switched the flash off and put the phone on silent first, or even not taken the photo to begin with). I had to delete the photo before they would let me go, and I was warned quite firmly that this kind of behaviour could get me arrested and my camera confiscated! This makes no sense to me, because it wasn’t even inside a court room, just a regular old passage with bad lighting.

Anyway – they felt quite strongly about it so I deleted the photo to secure my release. You know I’m half tempted to go back for that shot now…if the food was any better I might have. 😉

***Found this link that has photos of one of the paintings as well as the stupid passage – so I don’t have to get arrested to show you after all! 😆 ***




  1. Oh deary me!! Lol, that is so funny!! What are they hiding 😉

  2. No idea, I was really surprised that they took it so seriously!

  3. Sad to hear the Pierneefs are damaged.

  4. LOL that you found photos anyway 🙂
    Such a huge travesty that the paintings are in disrepair!

  5. cat, it’s a crying shame really… 😦

    Jenty, I know right?! I think it’s all rather silly – as far as I’m concerned the court is public domain. When I go to municipal buildings or police stations they never have a problem with me taking a photo, heck some times I even get them to do a silly pose for me. I can’t see any reason why they’d get so upset over this, especially since the information is quite clearly already available “out there”.

  6. Reminds me of when we went to London. Of course we take pics of everything too and there’s a Marks and Spencers inside the airport so we went to get water. And got sidetracked by all the food, as is our custom.

    Anyway D took a pic of me browsing and the security guard went up to him and also gave him the 3rd degree. Real British guy so extremely earnest and serious 🙂

  7. Sometimes people are just rediculous.

  8. Teehee! I s’pose if you photographed the passages you may get pictures of people too… Like minors who are s’posed to be anonymous if they’re under aged? I dunno. I’m glad they let you go once you deleted the pic!

  9. I suppose…but the one I snapped happened to be more or less empty (except for security and ourselves)

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