Photo Post – Sick, sick and more sick…

14 June , 2011

You might be tempted to think that after our recent (2nd!) run-in with German measles we would have illness sorted for the rest of the winter at least.

You’d be wrong…

We got whacked with a 3-in-1 whopper of a sick week next. Bronchitis/Pneumonia with some pink eyes, and last but not least some gastro. At least none of that came with fever and we were able to avoid ERs. Also quite luckily Nicola responded beautifully to the antibiotics and we didn’t end up in hospital like some of the other cats that got this one.

201105292155 More sleep than usual – first sign that trouble is coming.

201105312168This is not our usual after bath face. Definitely trouble looming.

201105312170  Queue the pink eyes!

201106012177  201106022183

More sleeping and looking glum. By this time the coughing, throwing up and the other less glamorous symptoms of gastro had kicked in too. Poor baby…

201106052203At least we get to hang out with Ouma and Oupa when we’re not feeling well. 🙂

201106062213   201106062216

Starting to feel a bit better – all the sleeping must be helping?

201106062223 And this is where it finally started turning around. Loads more energy, enough even to break into Oupa liquor cabinet – luckily the only thing she found interesting in there was a bottle of Energade! 😆

201106072232There’s the smile I know and love! 😀



  1. It was sad to read that N got sick again but from the last picture it looks like things are already looking better. Shame poor little baby, it must be the worst thing in the world to see a little one sick. I hope that she will be good for the rest of the winter… Hugs and kisses to N

  2. Poor baby!! Glad she is feeling better! This bug is nasty!!
    Stalker series over, lol 😉

  3. gaby, yeah – luckily she bounces back quickly. 🙂 I will pass the hugs and kisses along – thanks!

    Natasha, it really is a terrible one going round this winter. It seems like they just get more hectic every year.

  4. Ai, I hope she is all better now. I had the Princess and C with German measles last week and now both with bronchitis following on.

  5. cat, I wish I could say that she was – but she really isn’t. I am very worried because she just doesn’t seem able to shake this. At the moment she’s sleeping very badly and she refuses to eat, when she eats she can’t keep it down mostly anyway.

  6. Geez! The poor kid!

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