I think we may have hit a snag…

13 June , 2011

So this is the beginning on Nicola’s second week in the Yellow class.

I’ve asked the teacher for some feedback on how Nicola’s adjustment into the new class is going. She said that Nicola is doing okay, but that she’s still a bit shy around the other kids. I thought that with a bit of time that would probably come right on its own, so I didn’t worry too much about it.

However…all is not well. I think this might be proving to be a bigger push for her than I anticipated. One of the big things is that there is a lot less milk involved in this class. I usually send three bottles of 180 ml to school, and she used to have either two or three of those depending on how her day went. Now she only has one before nap time. Understandably, at night she is much keener on having milk than tea – of which she gets plenty at school during the day, as much as she wants really. She also talks about school and class a lot and she’s constantly asking about her previous teacher.

There are also primary school aftercare-kids, who roam around there in the afternoons. One of them is the sprout of her new teacher, so he and his hooligan friends tend to dash through her class fairly often, to the bewilderment of the much tinier toddlers who hang out there and have to dodge them while they play wrestling or whatever. I’m planning on having a word with the principal about this. I don’t want to be a pain is the behind about it, but I don’t think it’s cool.

Then something else also happened last week, which I am hoping was the exception rather than the rule. I got to the school to pick up Nicola and there were only two teachers manning the battle stations! A vicious bout of flu has swept through the faculty it seems, neatly coinciding with the principal’s two weeks leave (in/convenient), and all the kids were running amuck between these two frazzled looking women. Also, not cool. Although I do understand flu doesn’t strike when convenient, I doubt if EVERYBODY would have left if the principal was there herself.

Last night Nicola got sick from all the milk she’d been requesting. We spent the ungodly hour of 2:00am to 3:00am cleaning up and washing hair again because of it. I know it’s my fault for letting her have the milk in the first place, but honestly it’s a bit hard to say no when she asks so nicely. If your kid woke you up to ask for food, would you be able to say no? I don’t have it in me. But looking at that little face with the trembling lip and the shivering body, crying for me to hold her while I pour some hot bath water to wash the vomit out of her hair, I must admit, I wondered if I didn’t maybe rush her into this new class thing. Maybe she’s not ready? I felt like the worst mother in the world right there.

I think I’m going to give it another week and see. If she doesn’t look much happier about it by Friday I’ll ask them to move her back to the red class for now.



  1. Give it a bit of time – sometimes they just need a bit.

  2. I am having so many issues with Jackson and his school at the moment, I hardly know what to do about it. Do I get involved? Do I leave it to be sorted out by the teachers? I feel like a terrible mother either way. It’s horrible…

    “Trembling lip and the shivering body” – poor little thing.

  3. aaaawww, poor little sausage!

  4. cat, I’ll try that…anyway, it looks like she might be sick again and not just freaked out by the new class. Sort of good news, right?

    Rebecca, what’s the matter at Jackson’s school?

    Marcia, I felt really sorry for her poor baby…

  5. I agree re the time. But I also think that you need to chat to the principal… I’m not sure that a stay in the red class will solve the problem in the end… she needs to go to the yellow class anyway at some stage and I would NOT be happy with the older kids thing

  6. I don’t think that you could ever be a bad mother! And we all know that you are doing the best for N all the time. I hope that she adjusts to the class soon but I guess it is just a question of time. I know that I am not a mom myself but from what kids are good at adjusting

  7. Louisa,
    As an outsider, maybe I can comment by saying that your daughter is probably a lot more resilient than you fear at the moment. (that was meant to be comforting, hope it comes across that way)
    How about if you tell her a story every night that helps her deal with this change? There are so many of these types of books in libraries. I’m now making a book for my nephew to adapt to a new nanny next month. It has proved to be a winner with him – the story telling.
    Good luck with the milk-thing.

  8. Jenty, she looks better today – so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that this all blows over soon. As soon as the principla is back I plan on having a chat to her about the aftercare kids.

    gaby, aaw thanks hun! 😀

    Amanda, thank you. I’ll give it a bash – any stories that you can specifically recommend dealing with change?

  9. Ag shamepies the poor little mite! So since I’m so behind I spose I’ll find out in the next couple of posts whether you’ve gone back to the red class or not…

  10. We did not. It’s going much better in the yellow class, and it looks like all the chaos was health related instead of stress.

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