Sunshine’s Shower

12 June , 2011

Here are some shots from Sunshine’s baby shower. Look at that cute belly, makes you just want to rub it (which I would never do, don’t worry Sunshine!). 😆


Here is the playsuit I got them from Babymoo. Isn’t it adorable? You couldn’t give that kind of thing to a first time mother-to-be, but the vets know what’s what and I think will be more likely to appreciate it. 😉 (It says: I’m a bad ass mother sucker!)


The doo was held at the Baron on Witkoppen. What a lovely place! It has a cool playground for the kids, and is fully fenced so the little terrorists can’t make a run for it either. I had to yank my kid off the jumping castle (or as she calls it, the jumpy-jump) when the bigger hooligans got on there though, but we had so much fun on it that it actually made me reconsider a party for when she turns 2 at the end of the year. I think she’s at an age now where she really enjoys it, so it wouldn’t be fair not to have one just because I ran myself half ragged last year? I think what I should do is outsource some of the running and then try to keep the rest simple, that way I might not injure myself in the process. (I’ll let you in on a little secret…things have already been booked, and it is going to be AWESOME!).


They had a face painter on hand too, and almost everyone had their mug painted. Sunshine got a butterfly and I got a dragonfly. I didn’t let Nicola get painted because she still rubs her face quite a bit when she’s tired or irritated and I didn’t want it ending up in her eyes…plus if I can’t get her to sit still for a hair brush do you thing she’s sit for a painting?!

201105292124  201105292125

201105292127  201105292129

201105292134201105292141   201105292145




  1. Looks like a nice place!

  2. oh have at it! I figured it out – very soon they’ll be only wanting to invite their own friends but until then, I’m using the bdays as a social for us too 🙂

  3. Angel, it really is – I’ll definitely be going be going back there!

    Marcia, 😆 I was thinking the same thing. I’m actually looking forward to her doing her own invites eventually – just family and very close friends have the kids total over 20 already (our family really embraced the baby boom). I haven’t had a proper birthday party of my own in 3 years… 😉

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