Photo Post – V’s birthday!

11 June , 2011

Still busy catching up…

These photos were taken at Marieks ‘s son V’s 1st birthday party.

Nicola had an absolute blast! The birthday boy looked like he did too…particularly his mom’s potato salad was an enormous hit.

201105282092Nicola likes getting on the little bikes now – but she’s still not very big on making them move. It’s like a special chair really.

201105282093Trampoline! 😀 Too much fun. Also tricky getting her off once she’s on there. I like the ones with the sides more for her at the moment, crazy kid probably shaved a couple of years off my lifespan because she thinks it’s cool to just run across it, never mind the edge.

201105282094Swing! It’s like a theme park of fun over there.

201105282096The birthday boy, sitting down for his second helping of potato salad with a side order of cheese curls. 😀 He had a special Babymoo playsuit on for the grand occasion no less. Cute hey?

201105282097 There was also a jumpy-jump (as Nicola likes to call it). The bigger kids gave this one a good workout.

201105282099And a treasure chest of other kids’ toys – what’s not to love?

201105282106  The kids had a great time, and luckily the weather kind of played along for the big day too.



  1. What fun and what a big little girl Nicola is getting now. Now you see what us moms of grown up kids mean when we say we blink and our kids grow up. Just a little while ago, Nicola was so small and battling with some irritating and worrying illnesses. She is doing wonderfully now.

  2. Trampolines are an awesome workout!

  3. pinetown, she really is growing up so quickly!

    Angel, 😆 yeah – even if you’re just running circles round one to try and catch someone before they fall!

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