Photo Post – Family Sunday

2 June , 2011

On the 20th my gran turned 79, and we had a little family do at my parent’s place on the Sunday. There was plenty of family there, but I didn’t get round to taking any pictures of anyone but Nicola…because she was running around like crazy and getting into EVERYTHING.

Oh yes, and before I forget to tell you: Nicola has decided that having two people named Ouma is too confusing, one has to change. So now she calls my mom Ouma, and my gran Joey! 😆 Apparently this is something I did as a kid too – seems perfectly reasonable to me.

Also the lady who helps out, Martha is becoming a fast favourite of Nicola’s. Only thing is that she can’t say “th” yet, so she calls her Marka.

201105222043First things first – unpack as many rock as possible from all plants.

201105222045  Going for a visit to the puppies who were exiled to the back yard for the afternoon (we wouldn’t mind having them around but their table manners are terrible and Diablo thinks that any ice that makes it out the door belongs to him, whether it comes in someone’s drink or not!)

201105222048 Rediscovering the water feature after her first wardrobe change. After this I kind of gave up on trying to keep her dry.

201105222051 Another puddle of water and dirt found on the swimming pool cover – awesome!

201105222053 Riding Marie-Biscuit…*ahem* check out the pony, and I don’t mean the horse. 😉

We had a great day, but I was completely exhausted by the end of it!


  1. Cuteness~

    I also would get confused with two Oumas 🙂

  2. I totally get that too… 🙂

  3. When I had two grandmothers one was Ouma and one is Granny.

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