Photo Post – Little helper

31 May , 2011

201105212023Nicola is very eager to help out around the house. When it comes to laundry that usually means I have to wash something again. She takes it, hangs it, takes it off again, hangs it again, takes it off again, wipes the floor with it, hangs it, takes it off, wipes her face with it, hangs it, takes it off, drapes it over her doll like a blanket, takes it off, hangs it, takes it off throws it somewhere outside and wanders off looking for a crayon or her tea. 😆 While she’s busy with this flurry of activity I hang the rest. This streak will come in very handy when she’s a bit older I think.

201105212030  Helping Oupa water the plants.

201105212031Helping Oupa lay down a carpet…even redoing steps already done to make sure he did it 100% right.



  1. Sorry to tell you but later just as they are able to actually help the will to help magically disappears.

  2. LOL at Cat. But yes, I guess that’s why there are toy irons, brooms, washing machines etc… so parents cantry to convince their kids while they’re still gullible that ironing, sweeping and doing laundry are fun times 😉

  3. It is so cute! Had the same experience a while back (http://wp.me/p1pX0V-C ) My mom promtly went out and bought her her own broom. She still prefers the big one though!

  4. Let’s hope she doesn’t lose her ‘little helper’ streak when she’s older:P

  5. Jokes aside, on the love languages talk the lady said it’s essential to get them involved now (while it’s still fun) so that when the willingness disappears, then they’re already in a habit.

  6. cat, I want to say I’m surprised – but I’m not really 😆

    Tamara, I don’t even like doing those things. In good conscience I can’t mislead her like that.

    Christelle, at least she’s trying to help? 😉

    Ruby, let’s hope!

    Marcia, it takes a lot longer to do anything but I don’t want to discourage her or ever make her feel like she’s in the way…so I just schedule more time to get it done.

  7. The kidlets do so love to be involved… it wears off so make the most of it!

  8. I try aiming it in the most useful direction I can for now – she really loves to help. 🙂

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