Photo Post – Cuteness at infinitum

30 May , 2011

201105202015Reading the shoe maker and the elves. It’s very serious as you can tell from the expression! Also, if you’re wondering about the less than excellent hair day – she REFUSED to let me tidy it up, I stopped fighting it because it looked like she was going to dislodge her head from all the shaking. It’s clean, that should count for something.

201105202017  For someone who dislikes wearing hats she looks mighty cute in one.

201105212019 Another version of the Nicola starfish impersonation which is tricky to navigate if you need a corner of the bed yourself. 😉

201105212024 Confiscating Ouma’s tea! She’s actually doing okay with the drinking from cups and glasses bits as long as there’s just a little bit in it – she loses interest after a few sips and throws it down (being used to a spill-proof bottle in general of course).



  1. Cute! Love the reading pic!

    Kendra LOVES hats – she will be your friend for life if you ever give her a hat.

  2. Those are some seriously cute pics! I can so relate to the starfish impersonations. I especially love the smack against the head when they first enter the position!

  3. Marcia, 😆 Nicola doesn’t even like hats on other people!

    Christelle, aaaah yes…mostly inflicted with a swift whop of the ankle in my case. The only reason why I don’t wear a shiner more often is because I don’t bruise easily.

  4. hahaha at the hair fight 🙂 She still looks really cute though 🙂

  5. Thanks Laura 😀

  6. Ah yes, I remember sharing my bed with a human starfish…

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