Photo Post – More Nicola cuteness!

26 May , 2011


Someone stole Ouma’s reading glasses and wouldn’t let them go again.

201105171997Although Nicola is an excellent snuggler she is not very good at sharing mattress space. I get about a pillow width strip to balance on and she starfishes all over the rest. 😉

201105182006  Now sharng yogisip she’s pretty good at. Even the bears have to have a sip! 😆

201105182008Telling Nicola NOT to touch something is more or less equal to sticking a big neon sign on it saying “irresistible”. The reason why I’d really like her to stay away from the clivias is that they’re all full of seeds at the moment, and she still pops more or less anything in her mouth. After giving up on getting her to leave it alone, I’ve managed to convince her the correct way to tackle it is to pick them off and throw them as far as possible…seems to be working for now.



  1. LOL at the “throw them”.

  2. That only works on seed pods, she still tries to taste most rocks. 😉

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