Photo Post – X marks the spot

25 May , 2011

Aaah yes, time for the customary post about the recent local elections (yes, I am aware that that was sooooo last week, but this is how the scheduling worked out ‘kay?).

201105181998From Twitter, facebook and other blogs I believe the average wait was about 15 minutes? No such luck at out voting station – we were there for about 2,5 hours. And the only way you were skipping the queue was if you were over 60, not for pregnant people, not for babies or toddlers…maybe if you rocked up in a wheelchair or with crutches, but I didn’t see any.

201105181999Luckily it was at a local school, so Nicola and I left the rest of the family in the queue and spent that time running around and investigating their playground.

201105182000Ballots and box…the moment of truth. Nicola very badly wanted to “help” so I was part wrestling the pen from her part trying to make my mark without it touching any lines and becoming a spoilt ballot.

201105182002Ta-daaaah! All done.

201105182004  This democracy business is bloody exhausting.



  1. Shoowee! 2.5 hours!??!

  2. For the national and provincial round before this one it was 4…

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