Photo Post – Too wild for the zoo

23 May , 2011

Our good friend Lappie, invited us to go to the zoo with him. Nothing like a good outing with great company, naturally we jumped at the chance.

Nicola’s been reading a lot about animals and I thought it might also be a good time for her too see some of them in real life. Alas, she spent most of our time there pointing out leaves and rocks to us! 😆

201105141964  201105141967

Lappie and Nicola taking a stroll. The weather was actually perfect for traipsing all over the zoo – and boy did we traipse! I imagine if the sun had actually been shining we’d have been cooked in the process.

201105141969 Blue Crane

Nicola and Lappie checking out something wild, and look at these pretty blue cranes we saw. (I must confess I can’t tell one crane from another and went round accusing many birds of being cranes incorrectly).

Giraffes Santa's reindeer not over Xmas

Giraffes and some reindeer…

Elephant DSC00119

An unimpressed elephant. The poor guy kept coming over to the boundary hoping that someone would pass it some contraband food but all he got was a gazillion flashes going off at him.

Me and Nicola…

201105141973 DSC00130

Right in one of the corners you can see this impressive situation. Some war memorial or another with an angel on the top. An angel, by the way, that Nicola kept calling a fairy. I see us spending a bit more quality time going through this at home. 😉


Love this sign – wonder if they ever enforce it?


Me and my monkey in front of on of the monkey cages.

We ended off our outing with some delicious ice cream. Did you know there’s a teeny tiny milky lane in the zoo? Well there is. Nicola didn’t want any, which is kind of weird, because she usually loves ice cream, but she’s been off her food (and sweets) all week really.

Soon all was to be revealed. She had her first fever in 6 months this week. I attributed it to those last molars trying to make their appearance (but secretly feeling a little betrayed but the awesome teething beads which has helped us through the last 8 teeth without incident). Turns out it had nothing to do with teeth.

As we were driving I happened to glance over to sleeping Nicola in the car seat and saw ominous spots on both her feet. A tummy and back check confirmed my suspicions – german measles – again! And this time she got really sick from it too. Also strange, because rumour has it that once the spots appear you should be over the worst of it. For us it just signalled the start of a very unpleasant few days…

More on that tomorrow – oh much much more.

Ps! I know many of you think you can only get german measles once. It’s not true, sad to say. You can keep getting it forever, but every time you get it you should be getting it in a lighter grade. Eventually there won’t even be spots, just a slight stiff neck and maybe a tiny fever – but you can still carry it to other less lucky people (sorry again about that to whoever we might have infected unknowingly). Perhaps Nicola is just genetically predisposed to getting it more than other people too since I had it five times as a child, all before I went to school.

She is well on track to beating my record, poor munchkin.



  1. At least by the time she is grown and gets preggers she will have a good shot of German measels anti- bodies. Fun day, never the less.

  2. cat, yeah I hope you’re right. Of all the kiddy diseases to get multiple times I think this one is probably not too bad.

    We still had a brilliant day at the zoo. 😀

  3. Aw poor kid! Is she all better now?

  4. Yep, all better now thanks!

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