A beautiful tradition is born…

20 May , 2011

I work in a big company (still not telling you where or what I do). The team I work with is a very busy team. It’s actually near impossible to rake everyone together for anything at one time, they’re that busy.

Recently I mentioned that two of my colleagues started what they called Curry Fridays. What Curry Fridays entailed was ordering curry from a local shop that delivers, on Fridays. Seem simple right? Anyway, I decided to play along but alas my pallet is just not made for hot stuff. It’s actually quite funny to watch me try though. I used to not be able to do anything spicy, but through a lot of perseverance I can now manage sweet chilli sauce on occasion and some chilli when it comes with chocolate (oddly I could have jalapenos on its own when I was pregnant, but that was a short lived trick).

The custom has somewhat snowballed since then. Most of our department now put aside a few minutes to eat together on a Friday. Most of our department don’t particularly like hot-hot-my-head’s-on-fire-food either, so now anything goes.

It has in fact been renamed Eat Shit Fridays – because even strict dieters will abandon their carrot sticks and celery on Friday for the team lunch time. Other than the food (which is great), I also find it a lovely part of the week because we get to sit together without shop talk and just be people for a bit.

Do you ever do something similar to this where you work?



  1. I love Curry.

    We do Eat Shit Fridays at home. I don’t cook on a Friday night and we get take out.

  2. That seems perfectly sensible to me. I plan on endorsing that idea as soon as Nicola is happy eating any take out, at the moment all she really likes is Chinese, and you can only have so much of that before it gets tired.

  3. We eat together as a team (full team) at our team meeting every 2nd Thursday. First eat, then actual meeting and it’s lovely.

    We love doing things like that – we are very close and a lot of us have similar values too…

    But now Fridays are my “good” days because of WL – I will get sweet things but I savour them for a full day til right after I weigh in 🙂

  4. PS I love curry too

  5. However, for those who are dieting and quit on the Friday, if they did eat the hot-hot-I’m-on-fire stuff, it wouldn’t technically count towards their calories, because that shit goes right through you. Just a thought, you know should they ever NOT want to participate. It is a great tradition though.

  6. Marcia, delayed gratification…I get that. 😉

    Sandra, hahahaha! I’ll spread the word! 😆

  7. When I still had a boss they made a point of trying to get us all together a few times a year- outside of work- to just chat and socialise. It was very cool.

  8. I like that, but I like even more that it’s now part of our every week things…

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