Photo Post – General Cuteness

18 May , 2011

So peaceful when they’re sleeping right?
Little hand… Nicola is busy busy busy at the moment. Exploring and figuring things out all over the place. The only way I can actually get her to stay in one spot long enough to even finish a meal is by reading a book to her while I feed her. I balance the book on my lap, she pages, and I shovel the food in every gap I get while reading whatever page we’re on. Table manners need a bit of tweaking, but that’s a battle for another day. I admire anyone who’s managed to get their toddler trained in the ways of sitting down and finishing a whole meal. Suggestions welcome.

My little angel face, on our way to school.

201105051844  201105061855
Here we are trying more of those balancing a book meal times.

Nicola is completely fascinated by this egg person called Humpty Dumpty. That’s her favourite book to read at the moment, the nursery rhyme one. Any mention of egg  even has her scuttling off to her book shelf, where she picks out the right book in an instant, carts it back to wherever you are, and finds the right page for you to read from. She can’t say humpty dumpty though, she either calls him humpy humpy or dunty dunty, but she knows exactly who he is.

She also has one of those first words books with a picture of a cat on the front. There are only about ten or so words in the book and she knows them all by heart already – all of sudden she starts pointing at the cat and calling it “bing”. I corrected her a couple of times until I realised that she was actually referring to it’s collar as bling. 😆 Clever kid. Don’t get me started on how adorable it is when she tries to say spiderman! Come out something like “Pinaman” but it’s just too darn cute.


Watching Bolt. The longest I have seen her sit still and focus on anything, ever. Not an ideal falling asleep movie. It could have been the sugar, it could have been the books or the movie – one way or another she did not settle for more than two and a half hours, usually it takes about 15 minutes. I was so tired after all that that instead of getting up again to clean house I just switched the lights off and made it tomorrow’s problem.

Not sleeping! This is a good attempt though. Might have had something to do with my decree (after two and a half hours of trying to get her to sleep) that it was either bed time now or hiding time – her choice.



  1. At 6 my Princess has that down, at 3, we struggle with the boys.

  2. Agh Louisa this child is beyond cute man!!!!!

  3. cat, so all in time you say? 😉

    Laura, thank you! 😀

  4. Shoe, Nicola’s grown up so much!! Catching up on your posts, last read 2/3 months ago!! She is still the most adorable little girl!! Love the bling on the cat 😉

  5. Thanks Natasha, yep she’s the most adorable by far. 😀

  6. Ah man… that face!

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