2nd Cup – why thank you, I think I will

16 May , 2011

201105071860   2nd cup entrance

201105071864  chili hot chocolate

chili hot chocolate  2nd cup
On Saturday morning we joined S & BM at 2nd cup for a bite to eat and something to drink. They make the best chilli hot chocolate, unfortunately only available in winter (Nicola loves it too and if it was possible to stick your whole head into that little cup it comes in, she would have done it!). And it was chilly – I was offered a blanket upon arrival and gladly accepted it.

We actually had a few other errands to run before this get together but Nicola passed out in the car as we were leaving home, and I didn’t have the heart to wake her – so we sat in 2nd cup’s parking area for about an hour in total peace and quiet. Very nice. The bear you see there was a gift from W the night before, all the way from Australia. They’ve been inseparable since then. She keeps telling me, “Mamma, Mamma! Beertjie!” and when I confirm that it is indeed a bear she goes, “Rwoaaarrrr!” which is more or less the sound I told her a grisly bear makes. On Saturday she showed off her bear to S & BM with pride, and then went one step further and made it pounce! Straight into S’s apple strudel. 😆 At some point Nicola, the bear and myself were more or less covered in a fine mist of whipped cream too.

If you haven’t been to 2nd Cup you’re missing out. It’s a very special place.



  1. I still haven’t been there, even though it’s so close to home

  2. 😆 Maybe I should take you there so that I finally get to see you again too?

  3. Seeing as I’m visiting in winter I think you and I need to have breakfast there again! I need chilli hot chocolate. 😀

  4. Hmm that hot choc sounds great.

  5. hmmm, I’m also thinking we should meet you there. where is it – you know I am not good with directions to far away places (West Rand :))

  6. Doing my first blog stalk in months, Nicola is SO BIG ALREADY!

    Hope you’re well my long lost blogger friend xoxo

  7. 2nd cup is one of my favourite places! I usually take my gran there for our ‘tea and cake and lunch’ date when she visits:) it’s our special place and she especially likes the decor and the nursery outside:) Suddenly i miss my gran:(

  8. So cute

  9. Freddy, you just tell me when – I’ll be there! 😀

    cat, best I’ve ever had. 😉

    Marcia, do you know where Rock Cottage is? C/o John Voster and Christiaan de Wet. Well, it’s next to Rock Cottage on John Voster.

    SheBee, howdy stranger! Yep, she’s growing up a little every day. 😉

    Ruby, I also love their breakfast. Actually I’ve had a few things there and have loved all of them.

    Charlotte, thank you.

  10. Hhmmm… sounds like a place to try out when I get off Weigh-Less one day!

  11. Angel, you just let me know when you’re ready… 😀

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