Looky Loocky ;-)

15 May , 2011

We went to go see the new arrival at Esmeralda’s place. What a cutie! Well, he’s not THAT new, but since we had a bit of flu going on we only went now. I think he looks just like his dad. We had a lovely lunch there, but little man is putting his parents through the wringer at the moment with the pajama drill. I think the only reason why there aren’t more only children out there is that you tend to forget exactly how tough those first three months are!

201105021827  Toddler Safe Trampoline

Nicola and DW playing. She loved the trampoline! Esmeralda also put out a sand pit for the kids to play in and Nicola made it her mission to try and empty it one teaspoon at a time…literally with a plastic teaspoon. It was a fine mess.

All kids ended up happy and dirty – exactly as they should be. 😉



  1. Oh he is cute – and yes, dirty and tired, just the way I like kids to be.

  2. Happy dirty children. Perfection.

  3. cat & Angel, I like it when Nicola gets so dirty that I HAVE to put dry or clean clothes on her, at least once a day. I think it’s healthier for her too.

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