Vacation Post – 4/30 The very last leg

13 May , 2011

201104301799This is what it looked like when we left Colesberg for our last stretch of road trip home. It was freeeeezing! I can’t stress this enough. In fact I left one of those blue ice bricks outside on the lid of the trailer and the insides when slushy from the cold.

201104301805  201104301806

I don’t really get why whoever is in charge thinks it’s a cool idea to work on the roads over peak traffic periods like Easter, but they do – without fail. I guess making endless streams of people wait for half an hour at a time is one way to slow down traffic?

201104301810This particular stop had an enclosure full of goats, chickens and geese which Nicola enjoyed. In the meantime my poor dad picked up a tummy bug and as you can imagine, it’s not the nicest thing to deal with when you’re stuck in a car for the day.

201104301811Chilling with Oupa.

201104301812The rest of the kids. Everyone starting to look a little rough around the edges.

201104301820Meanwhile, back in the car…this quickly turned into…

201104301807     this…and then into…

201104301814this! Little Houdini figured out how to free her arms from the confines of the baby chair straps and was trying to see if something similar could be done for her legs. She had finally reached tolerance point with the driving and it became quite a mission to keep her occupied or sort of happy.

201104301817By the looks of my brother it would be a long time before he got into a car again too.

201104301819K still seemed fairly cheerful. I don’t know how. I was about ready to get out and walk just to get blood-flow back in my butt and legs. What we needed was some ruby slipper to click together!

201104301821 I really hate looking at this building. It’s like a fester on the face of the earth as far as I’m concerned…right then it was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen (a kind of break in the clouds, angelic singing type of moment). We were home! Wooooot! (This thing is constructed at the turn off we take to get home, more or less 2km away from my parents’ house).

For the last half an hour of the trip Nicola howled. Non. Stop. Not kidding. Non. Stop.

I think it might be time to try out a flying vacation next time? 😉

I’m glad to say that we had a great time and we got home safely. However I think perhaps it wasn’t exactly fair on Nicola to do this kind of trip at this age, and though she acted out A LOT, she had every reason to, and I can’t really blame her.

Thank you Cape Town and Gordons Bay, for being stunning as always. And thank you to my wonderful family for all the laughs and loves along the way and for the wonderful experience that we could share with you! 😀



  1. You are very brave to have attempted this.

    We did the jhb-dbn drive twice – once with just Cam and then with both.

    I have never driven anywhere since there. We now fly or stay home 🙂

    BUT it looks like it was an awesome holiday and very well documented 🙂

  2. We drive a lot for holidays and the kids seem to take it well. Maybe I need to do a blogpost with tips, similar to the camping one. But the DVD in the car – that is the crux.

  3. Awesomeness…giggels! Love you pics 🙂

  4. You are a rock star – you read on my blog how a 2.5 hour trip took 4 hours 40 minutes and I’m not anxious to repeat that at all!

    What are you thinking of for your next holiday?

  5. J whines and moans and whinges when we drive between Pretoria & Badplaas. I don’t think I’ll attempt a journey like this with him anytime soon. Well done you!!

  6. There are some awesome memories there, but long car trips certainly are a challenge when the kidlets are too small to be put in charge of something like padkos or music…

  7. If i had known you could have borrowed my shoes:P

  8. Laura, yep that it was. 😉

    cat, I don’t know if Nicola is quite ready for a DVD yet. Even at home she can only manage about half an hour of watching anything before losing interest.

    Karen, dankie! Alhoewel klomp van hulle is eintlik joune. 😆

    Marcia, mmm…I haven’t actually started the planning properly bit of that thought. I have a rough idea when I want to do it, but not exactly where and how. I’m thinking definitely nowhere that will take more than 2 hours to get to. That part I am certain of.

    Sharon, hahaha! Thanks. 😀

    Angel, aaah yes I remember the days when I was put in charge of the music quite fondly. My poor parents often ended up listening to some pretty hectic stuff for 3 to 4 hours at a time thanks to me.

    Ruby, if it happens again I’m definitely calling you on that!

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