Vacation Post – 4/29 Aaand…we’re off

12 May , 2011

DSCF3269  DSCF3301

Goodbye beautiful mountains…till we meet again. (check closely and you’ll see the snow on the second picture)

201104291784It was bloody freezing when we left. We had to make a quick unscheduled stop – actually I have no idea where we stopped. Little hole in the wall place that ended up being extremely charming. They had a lovely little diner and went out of their way to help us with everything we needed (which was mostly a baby changing station). I’d tell you where it was, but I honestly can’t remember.

201104291788  He aint heavy…he’s my brother. 😆 Sorry, I couldn’t resist. And he really is heavy – solid bones on that boy.

DSC01000Some more smoochy-face fun and games along the way.

DSC01001  Some of us were not feeling as chipper though – even ice cream didn’t distract us completely from the long sit ahead.

DSC01009Although chasing cats did…somewhat.

DSCF3320  DSCF3321

It’s only taken me 16 months, but I think I finally have the hang of this “sleep when the baby does” thing. Legend has it that I didn’t even snore. I did surface every now and then though to check if they were playing any Afrikaans music (I’m not a fan). 😉

201104291789 We stopped at Colesberg for a sleep over just before sunset. They have these pretty cacti everywhere. That place is freezing, just so you know. I think they made a typo on the name…should read Coldsberg. It went down to minus three while we were there!

201104291791 201104291794

My brother even took out his hat. He only ever does that when it’s really cold. Nicola tried it on, ran a couple of lengths of the place and ditched it. Very cute!

DSC_0167R & K came up with the cool plan of cutting a DVD for each of us with all the holiday photos on it from all the different cameras. What a nice touch.

DSC_0172More pictures of us freezing our behinds off.

201104291797Sign outside of the dining hall which I quite liked. “Skep groot. Roer wild. Weeg min. Leef Oordadig” roughly translated as “Dish up big. Stir wildly. Weigh less (as in the action not the support group). Live excessively.”

And they meant it too. I asked for a sherry, thinking it would be a nice way to warm up. Instead of a small sherry glass like you usually get anywhere they brought me a massive wine glass full of it! It worked too, slept like a rock and not even a little bit cold.

201104291798Had a little snicker at this sign above the door too. Especially the last line. I’m hoping that was intentional, or maybe they asked for a sherry too before engraving this? 😆



  1. Looks like a great place to sleep over.

  2. It was nice…but the Rondawel place we slept over at on the way down was MUCH nicer. 😉

  3. Okay so just want to tell you if your daughter ever dissapears (the obvious place to look fo rher is at my house!) She is so damn cute and always looks friendly.

  4. We stayed in Colesberg on the way back from CT too, but it was summer.
    Love the sign!

  5. Scared Mom, good to know – I’ll be watching her like a hawk! 😉

    Angel, I’m not sure if they even have a summer. Bloody hell it was freezing!

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