Vacation Post – 4/28 Nederburg

11 May , 2011


Next stop on our wine tasting experience – Nederburg!

It’s quite a drive from Waterford to Nederburg. We passed like a gazillion wine farms in between and I was starting to worry that our next stop was going to be somewhere in the free state, but it was worth it. Really nice wine there.

201104281763  DSCF3027

DSCF3039  DSCF3047

And there we were…made ourselves at home on their couches like the place belonged to us.

201104281765  DSCF3064

201104281766  DSCF3077

Nicola had reached her daily tolerance of sitting quietly. Luckily there was a water feature to play with. Sparrow and Nicola were playing like a couple of kids. You could tell they were very happy to see each other again! At times she laughed so hard she could hardly breathe. 😆

DSCF3043My daughter loves a big mirror (and giving herself big smoochy kisses in it!). Definitely on  my list of things to get for our home. Too cute. 🙂

DSCF3041  DSCF3042

My mom doesn’t drink wine…at all 😆

DSCF3076 DSCF3083


Most of us were starting to look a little like this though… 😉

DSCF3088  201104281771

201104281768We also signed up for the cellar tour after the tasting, although I’m not sure what I was thinking doing that. Not really a fun thing to do for Nicola.

DSCF3172Luckily she fell asleep a couple of minutes into it and we took her back to the car for a nap (getting out was quite a mission because you can’t go the way you came – so we kind of toured it our own way I guess?). Sparrow helped me carry the bags and chilled with us outside which was nice because it gave us a chance to catch up a bit (also to ditch the tour which looked like it was going to take forever).

DSC00913  DSCF3215

From the photos it looks like the other kids enjoyed themselves as well…

DSCF3232And too soon it was time again to head back to base camp and start packing for our next two day trip back home… this holiday was over way too soon. It feels like we didn’t get to sit down for a minute unless it was in the car going somewhere. It was great getting to spend so much time with my family, but for our next trip I definitely think we’ll try something a bit more kick-up-your-feet-and-forget-where-you-put your-car-keys-ish. 😉


  1. Stick a small mirror up in her room on her eye level – kids love it.

  2. What a clever idea, I’m definitely going to try that. 🙂

  3. I just love the shots with Nicola and a mirror!

  4. Cute hey? I love them too… 😀

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