Vacation Post – 4/28 Waterford

10 May , 2011

First stop on our wine tasting was Waterford, for their chocolate and wine tasting. I’ve been there before and I loved it again. It’s probably the most beautiful wine farm I’ve ever seen (but I am willing to try out a few more just to be sure). 😉

201104281735  201104281736

201104281754 DSC00853

DSC00984 DSCF2896

See, absolutely stunning…

201104281750 Of course the water of Waterford held great fascination for Nicola…who tried her level best to get into it.

201104281751Until she found some rocks to play with at least. She put in a really good effort in moving them all to the other side of that line!

DSC00858  DSC_0129

Checking out the gorgeous autumn leaves.

DSC00859 DSC00866

DSC_0119  DSC_0126

Let the tasting begin. Word of caution…no one at our table is really into white wine, which we only realised after we all signed up for the full tasting red and white. The little dude with the bottle brought out something which he said had a hint of granite…the consensus was that it actually went down like it was made of gravel! Don’t bother with the white – just have the red and the chocolate. The only white worth having is the desert wine that comes with the chocolate…that one has no rocks in it and is to die for!

DSC00874 That tiny one at the end that goes with the caramel coloured choccie which is rose-geranium flavoured. Yummm, yumm, yummmmm! The two together actually tastes like a little rum and raisin party in your mouth (which is weird, because I don’t even like rum & raisin). If you let me loose with a slab of that and a bottle of the one that goes with it behind closed doors…you’d just here me purring and moaning. All day. With my eyes closed.

It’s that good.

I’m pretty sure I’ll end up going there again, just for that one. Good tasting. 🙂

DSCF2929Before you scrap my name off that mother-of-the-year nomination form, I gave Nicola some water in her own glass to play along with us. She loved it and was enthusiastically cheers-ing everyone with it. Too cute! 😆



  1. Amazing what a drawcard water in all formats (but especially fountains) always are.

  2. Yip…it’s like a kiddy magnet!

  3. Hhmmm, we’ll have to add Waterford to our wine tasting the next time we’re in the Cape!

  4. You won’t be sorry – just stick to the red wines (and that desert one).

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