Vacation Post – 4/28 Perspective

9 May , 2011

We had a big day of wine tasting planned – but before we took off we were clowning around outside while we waited for Sparrow & T to rock up (who after saying he didn’t need directions ended up needing a police escort to get there…a police escort who got lost and gave them the not so scenic route of Gordons Bay).

201104281722 All dressed up and ready to go!

201104281727What my brother was doing.

DSCF2858What he got for his troubles. Quite pretty hey?

201104281724   Nicola also liked the little purple flowers which were wet. She doesn’t say “Nat” for when she says “Nak!” And water she calls “Wakie” instead. Very cute. I’m sure she’ll get the hang of it. At least she’s got the concept down, the terminology will come when it’s ready.

201104281725 See the lens there right at the edge of the photo?

DSCF2862 Really really close up. 😆

201104281729A picture of the smoochy-faces

DSCF2865  And a picture by the smoochy-faces.

As you can see, we had a bit of time to kill. 😉



  1. Lots of photos FTW!!!

  2. 😆

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