Vacation Post – 4/27 Invasion of the ants!

8 May , 2011

201104271697 Every morning, as soon as Nicola opened her eyes, she wanted to know where Oupa and Ouma was…and then next thing she wanted to know when she could go outside. Often this would happen at an hour when it was still pretty much dark outside, not to mention raining.

I tried to contain her in our room for as long as possible (not an easy task – very energetic girl, very tiny room). When I started suspecting that everyone else was awake now anyway, I would take her to my parents for a few minutes, pop out for a smoke, and then make everyone coffee and tea to start the day properly.

201104271699I did tell you that little madam has learnt how to climb before we left JHB, right? She loved, loved, loved the couches in the rented place. They are just low enough for her to comfortably slip on and off them on her own…repeatedly…every chance she got.

It was also quite a mission to find a safe spot for the remotes. She found them fairly quickly, and when the “No” finally sank in that she kept getting about it, she decided that the buttons on the actual TV were a much easier and more satisfying target anyway. 😆

201104271700  Nicola has enough books to fill a small library, and she loves reading. The one book that my mom doesn’t like reading to her is the Mosters Inc one. So of course that’s the one that Nicola drags out to Ouma every opportunity she gets.

201104271708 Back to the title of the post. Ants…lots of them.

These little beasts were quietly minding their own business outside until someone decided to spray them because we were having my uncle and aunt over for a braai.

Then all hell broke loose!

They came in through every hole we didn’t know that the house had! You could sweep them out and find a new batch in there place within seconds. They came in through the foundations, the ventilation holes, through the cupboards, through the drain pipes, under the door, through the windows. Everywhere really.

More poison sprayed with no real results. They just kept coming. It’s at this point that I took Nicola outside to the street for a walk and away from all the craziness and toxic stuff. There was the little matter of cars, so when I say walking I actually mean I was the one doing the walking and Nicola was arm bound…which did not make me very popular at all. She wanted to do a bit of exploring on her own. She wanted it quite badly!

It got to such a state that my mom phoned the agent and told her to come “Do something” about the ants. Can’t remember her name, but anyway – she came within minutes and started wiping the entire house and all its reachable surfaces down with bleach. That kind of worked, who knew?

Still, it remained a mess. Now the ants were just dead wherever you found them instead of attacking. But you could sweep until you were blue in the face, more just kept appearing.

201104271709  Turned out that we didn’t need the outside for braaing after all. The heavens opened up again, so we had the braai in the garage instead.

201104271712 Nicola found a broom and was doing what she’d seen everyone else do all day long. After she had a go at the garage and everyone in it she made a move to go sweep the street, at which point I had to relieve her of her new toy. You can imagine how popular I was? Another spectacular tantrum, followed by us going to sit inside the bleached house until she calmed down.

K came to keep us company which was really nice, also plied me with wine which was really really nice and very welcome at that point.

When it was time to eat my parents closed the garage door so that Nicola couldn’t get to the street and we joined them again in garage, where we all ended up eating.

201104271715The food was delicious, and so was the desert. Strawberries, with meringue and whipped cream. And lots of red wine. Yum yum yum! 😀 All in the romantic setting of a rented house’s garage.

It actually worked just fine.

201104271716  Sometimes it’s the little things that count. I told K about this milk, that you can only buy in CT by the way, which is just really great and creamy. So she bought me some! 😀

This bottle was empty within a few hours, and I wasn’t the only one enjoying it. 😉

201104271717 After an exiting day of family visits, fighting of crazy ants, and tantrums everyone settled in to watch a movie together.

201104271719 Nicola’s bedtime routine was shot to hell the entire holiday. Almost every night Oupa would walk her asleep. It’s not the kind of thing I can maintain at home, she has to be able to put herself asleep, also she’s over 11kg already, so you either need her to fall asleep with a dash of speed or you need a strong back!

On her first night back at home it took her nearly two and a half hours to settle on her own again, but after that she seemed to slip back into her routine quite comfortably.

*shrug* Oh well…she’s only tiny once, right? I guess a little spoiling is okay now and them. 😉



  1. Oh lawdy how I hate ants!!!

  2. I don’t mind them if they’re not in my way.

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