Vacation Post – 4/26 Sparrow visit

7 May , 2011


Nicola likes to get up at six, get everyone going…and then drop off for a nap once that’s done.

201104261692 We borrowed one of the cars for the day to go visit the Sparrow. He recently accidentally formatted his laptop somewhat and lost everything, so we took our hard drive along to help him out a bit. 😆

201104261693 Sparrow’s housemate, T, was a big hit with Nicola too. probably because she allowed her to rip all her photos off the wall and play with the TV’s buttons. 😉

201104261696I had one TIRED little person on my hands by the time we left. She was asleep before we hit the highway. Luckily Sparrow & T gave me directions for a much better route going home – the way my GPS decided to lead me there was seriously dodgy.

DSC00848 Meanwhile the rest of my family went wine tasting at Hartenberg and Beyerskloof. From all the photos it looked like they had a good time too.

You might be wondering why the heck I have a photo up here of a this dude with his trolley of trash? Well, on our first day there we saw one close to Gordons Bay and my brother, ever tactful, screamed “Bergie!” when he saw the guy. The guy had such a fright that he actually tipped his cart over. K wanted to give him money and make sure he’s okay. My brother was very disappointed that she didn’t manage to get a photo. Shortly after that on one of our drives we also saw a cow using one of those overhead highway pedestrian crossings (on it’s own!) but we also didn’t get a photo of that (it happened too fast).

So while they were out and about wine tasting this gentleman up here crossed paths with them, and K wasn’t going to miss the opportunity again! Unfortunately there was some camera issues and by the time she got the photo, he was well and truly aware of his impending fame, and waved.

I guess you had to be there – but there was really a bit of a hunt going on to get a photo like this, so it’s part of the holiday snaps. The cow moment was never recreated for the completeness of history unfortunately. 😆

201104261691 Horsing around with uncle Riaan. Hope she doesn’t get used to this kind of thing. I don’t have the neck or back to do that too.



  1. Your daughter looks like such a happy child.

  2. She really is 😀

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