Vacation Post – 4/24 Beach day

5 May , 2011

We probably spent a grand total of half an hour on the beach the entire holiday. You cannot actually believe how much we managed to fit into one teeny tiny week, so time was of the essence I guess, and also the weather was mostly miserable. Even the bits and pieces of beach time we squeezed in was done in warm winter clothes, and trying our best to ignore the never ending wind.

In CT it is always kite flying weather, not so? 😉

201104241634 Up early as usual…someone’s little internal alarm clock works just fine even in other provinces. As you can see my inner morning person had not quite kicked in yet.

201104241635 It seems to run in the family to a certain extent.

201104241642 My dad is one of those wake up singing types…it’s a wonder he’s never had anything heavy thrown at him that early in the morning (yet). 😉 Every single morning of this entire holiday, Nicola wakes up and the first word out of her mouth is, “Oupa!” followed shortly by “Buite!” She wanted outside and she wanted it NOW. 😆

DSCF2606In the car again, this time to go search for the alleged beach. The roads of Gordons Bay must have been plotted out by a drunk city planner is all I’m saying. Thank goodness for GPS and other people who actually have a sense of direction.

201104241644The lovebirds walking on the beach (but making sure not to actually touch the freezing cold water!).

DSCF2562   Same birds – close up. Aaaaw, they do make an adorable couple. It’s cool to see my brother this happy.

201104241646 We actually touched the water. 😛 It was cold (about as cold as it looks really) but still fun.

201104241647 My dad’s thermostat is broken.

On our way back to the car I saw a guy walking a friendly looking puppy and asked him if we could touch it, because I knew Nicola would get a kick out of it. Turned out that I actually knew the guy from way back when I was still in school – what are the odds?

201104241658We decided that since it was crap weather anyway, we might as well drive out to Hermanus and take in some scenery.

DSCF2577  We weren’t the only ones out and about. This one’s for Po. 😉

DSCF2572 We’re all in this photo – but Nicola is having a snooze in the car.

DSCF2621And…there it is…Hermanus. Whale watcher’s paradise.

DSCF2620We didn’t see any whales, but we did see about 20 dolphins cruising around and playing in the waves which was awesome! They’re just such gorgeous animals. Maybe when Nicola is a bit older I’ll drag her out to Mozambique to go swim with them again. The water there is nice and warm.

DSCF2623   Hug-time! 😀

DSCF2627Posing for a photo with the lovebirds.

DSCF2628Nicola, sharing a giggle with Oupa.

201104241662There’s a little place right near the jetties which apparently makes the best seafood ever. We tried our luck there but unfortunately they were booked solid already. We did get to see this cool whale model though.

201104241667    201104241668

So we headed back into the main part of the town in search of that elusive seafood.

201104241669Here Nicola is helping Oupa read the menu. She threw a wobbly of note in this restaurant, to the extent that I actually had a sense of humour failure and she ended up with a smack on the bottom for her troubles. I don’t do tantrums. Not well anyway. We’re working our way through that. (the jury is still out on whether we’re working on her throwing of them or my not dealing well when she does, maybe a bit of both). Even so, I’d much rather raise a child with a strong will than a push over…sometimes that will just doesn’t correspond with my own. I get that.

DSCF2629  Love this picture of her. 😀



  1. LOVE this post! I don’t even pretend to have an inner morning person – I was about last in the queue when God was dishing bright and sunny morning personas out.

    At least you still look gorgeous? does that help.

    love all your beach pics! Esp in the cold weather – I’m starting to appreciate cold weather beach pics.

  2. Ah tantrums, yes I can tell you much. But still looks like an amazing time.

  3. Marcia, I can usually convince mine to make an appearance after 8, or with enough hot water. But as you can imagine, with one little person wanting to get up at 6 and 6 people sharing one bathroom – neither of those things are possible at all times.

    Thank you! 😆

    cat, it really was – despite the tantrums. I suppose it’s all part of it. Perhaps this is a sign that we should go away more so that she can be more used to the upheaval? 😉

  4. Just did a big catch-up on your blog.

    Love this pic of Nicola too. I think it’s great that you’re getting her used to travelling while she’s this young.

  5. Tamara, I think I need to try some closer destinations next though. This was really tough.

  6. That last picture is stunning 🙂

    Ah the world of tantrums! Its trial and error my friend until you can find what works for you two!

  7. That is seriously one of the most beautiful pictures of your incredibly cute daughter…

  8. Laura, thank you. Yeah…we’ll get the hang of it eventually. 😉

    Rebecca, thanks! 😀

  9. Ooh that last one is gawjiss!
    I LOL’d a LOT in this post Louisa! “Inner morning person” and “my dad’s thermostat is broken” are absolute classics!

  10. Thank you! 😆

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