Vacation Post – 4/23 Are we there yet?!

4 May , 2011

Round about 6-ish we packed ourselves up again and hit the road for day two of our road trip.

201104231587 We got to see a magnificent sunrise for our troubles. 🙂 I prefer a good sunrise to a good sunset, but I also prefer not being awake for sunrise…go figure.

201104231591 More Wimpy breakfast! 😀 Except Nicola who was still refusing to eat anything except cereal.

201104231593 R & K pulling funny faces at my camera.

201104231596 Unscheduled stop in the middle of nowhere. Nicola hit a wobbly and we decided a 10 minute break would probably be best.

201104231597Giving herself big smoochy kisses in the mirror on one of our breaks. She enjoys the baby changing stations much more now that she doesn’t HAVE to lie down on them.

201104231611   201104231616

Nicola decided to temporarily break her cereal fast for a little bit of Ouma’s Creme Soda Float and one of her spare ribs.

201104231608 The scenery greatly improved. 😀 It started feeling really close…all of our bums were mighty grateful.

DSCF2318 We clowned around quite a bit to keep a little someone sort of distracted from the fact that we were still in the car.

DSCF2339The car seat was now a pretty mess of crayon bits and cookie crumbs and anything else Nicola tried to jam in there to spring the buckle.

DSCF2472  We decided to take the mountain pass instead of the tunnel, because it’s much prettier and not all that much longer. This is one of the lookout points where we stopped for a million photos and a bum break.

DSCF2480 Aaaaw, look at the smoochy faces. They really do make a cute couple.

DSCF2537 Our first sunset in Gordons Bay! 😀

201104231629 201104231630

No one needed any prompting to get into their PJs and take a load off. Check out Nicola’s cool PJs by the way, they’re made from a fluffy throw blanket – Ouma made them especially for her.



  1. Hey Louisa, what beautiful photos so far… can’t wait to see the rest. Other then being in the car it seems like you all had wonderful family time.

  2. Hi Gaby! 🙂 Yeah, except for all the sitting in the car we had a great time. It was very special to be able to spend so much time with Nicola every day too. She’s growing up so quickly!

  3. Great going on the road trip. Seriously , invest in a DVD for the car.

  4. cat, 😆 is that the magic tip I was looking for? Do you have three separate ones, or do all your kids agree on watching the same movie while road tripping?

  5. JUst love the picture of Nicola and the mirror

  6. It’s even cuter when you get the “Mwah! Mwah!” sound effect that goes with it. 😉

  7. Ah there’s nothing like chilling when you get to your destination!

  8. Right after all the unpacking, it was fantastic!

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