Vacation Post – 4/22 The very very very long road

3 May , 2011

I think perhaps a two day car trip destination was slightly ambitious for our first proper holiday, but hey…only one way to learn, right?

Nicola who is usually a very amicable and loveable child, turned into a much crankier version of herself this vacation. Partly because most of it was spent in a car strapped to a baby seat, and partly because it looks like she’s working on teeth 17 to 20. Whatever the reason/s, she was not the happiest camper I’ve ever seen and threw more tantrums in one week than I’ve ever seen her throw in total ever before.

Even so…she is still much more angelic than most other kids who do not have such a sweet nature as a starting point – so I can’t really complain. (Anyway, you’re going to think I’m mad when you see all the photos, because she’s smiling in almost all of them – but keep in mind that I have my hands busy when she’s not smiling, which makes for a lot less photographic evidence!).

Here goes:

DSCF2244Day one of the first two day road trip. Everyone starts out with a smile and a sense on anticipation. 🙂

DSCF2242Yip, me too.

DSCF2240We drove down in convoy with the two cars. In the Pajero my parents and the lion’s share of luggage, and in the Audi Nicola, myself, my brother and his girlfriend. On our way down we were “entertained” by the antics of a jack-ass of the road hog variety. Often when something like this happens and little ears are around you might find yourself at a loss as to what to call them, but this guy made it easy with a personalised number plate. After that anyone who did not behave themselves properly on the road became a NEVIN. It’s one of those that I think might end up sticking even after this holiday, if you know what I mean? 😆

201104221553For someone who took more than a thousand photos single handedly, K looks a bit camera shy hey? 😉

201104221547We tried to stop as often as possible so that Nicola could stretch her legs a bit. Of course, any truly great road trip has to be kicked off with a proper Wimpy breakfast! Nicola was not a fan, per se. In fact she went on more or less a hunger strike for the biggest part of this week away and refused to anything except cereal.

DSCF2312   Anything semi-interesting-looking at some point or another passed through her little sticky fingers to try and distract her from the looooooooong sit.

201104221557  201104221560

Terrorising both grandparents and ducks alike. 😉 She loved, loved, loved all the animals on show at every break we took. Some of the places really went to a lot of effort to have a little spot for kids this way – I was quite impressed.

201104221556 When you simply cannot face another kilometer for the day, you can always just pull a blanky over your face? (She did this herself by the way, and kept pulling it back up every time I took it off)

DSCF2269 Arriving at our overnight stay much later than anticipated because of the road works…but most importantly all safe and sound.

201104221575 The place is called Rondawel. I highly recommend it. Very neat, very pretty, very welcome at the end of a long day, has a fireplace and wine and yummy home made farm style dinner, and as much hot water as your little hart can possibly desire. In one word, awesome!



  1. um, yes. Normally very happy children turn into Cranky McPants on the road.

    I may have to start flying again because Lord, the driving is not pretty (and I’m just talking me here).

    We wised up on the way back and I gave in and let them have dummies the WHOLE WAY. Much better trip.

    Does N take a dummy?

  2. Nope, she doesn’t. There was a period of roughly 3 months that she HAD to have one on her at all times, but before that she refused it and as quickly as it came it was gone again. The second time she flung a dummy clear across the room because she didn’t want it I threw them all away – and that was that.

  3. Roadtrips are certainly a challenge for littlies!

  4. Yep, learnt my lesson the hard way.

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