*Cough-cough* why yes, I’m still alive

3 May , 2011

Sorry for the lag in transmission (also in commenting and answering). We have returned from our family vacation in Gordons Bay, and the only reason why I don’t have it all up and out there yet is that I am quite frankly a little bit intimidated by the sheer volume of photos to choose from.

There were 4 cameras, which produced close to 2000 photos. Even after weeding out my favourites 3 times I am still left with about 300 to choose from. *sigh* What a lovely problem to have. 😉

Anyhoo, I’ll be chipping away at them until I get a manageable amount to share with you…and as soon as Nicola falls asleep I’ll see how far I can get into the catching up of my reader and inbox too.


  1. And that issue with hundreds of photos is why I am now going to print small photobooks of our holidays so I can actually look at the pictures!!

  2. That’s a pretty cool idea. 🙂

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