Some words of wisdom

29 April , 2011

The quotes thing is not a standard feature here anymore as you can tell, but I came across these and thought they were worth sharing anyway…enjoy!


  • A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns  home to find it. ~ George A. Moore
  • How many times must a man look up
    Before he can see the sky?
    Yes, ‘n’ how many ears must one man have
    Before he can hear people cry?
    Yes, ‘n’ how many deaths will it take till he knows
    That too many people have died?
    The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind,
    The answer is blowin’ in the wind.
    ~ Bob Dylan ~
  • I will have poetry in my life. And adventure. And love. Love above all. No… not the artful postures of love, not playful and poetical games of love for the amusement of an evening, but love that…overthrows life. Unbiddable, ungovernable — like a riot in the heart, and nothing to be done, come ruin or rapture. Love — like there has never been in a play. ~ Tom Stoppard in Shakespeare in Love
  • Observe the wonders as they occur around you. Don’t claim them. Feel the artistry moving through, and be silent. ~ Rumi ~

Ps! Tomorrow posts from our vacation in Gordon’s Bay will start trickling through. 😀



  1. I seem to have miscalculated (slightly). There might be a day or two of emptiness before our vacation posts start popping up.

    Promise I’ll get round to answering every single comment over the last week soon-ish too. 😉

  2. I’m playing catch-up again so I think I’ll be able to see the whole holiday!

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