Photo Post – Some more every day bits and pieces

28 April , 2011

201104171499 Outside at last!

It really hasn’t stopped raining in daaaays. Nicola is climbing the walls with frustration because when it rains she doesn’t get to go outside at school. I try to give her at least a few minutes after work to get out, depending on the weather, and as you can see it is greatly appreciated!

201104161491Big bag drag…

My daughter loves bags, even when they’re as big as she is.


Stuff to do when it’s too wet to go outside:

In an effort to distract her from the bad weather and no outside time I let her paint Ouma and Oupa a picture for their fridge. All went well, until I declared it finished and tried to liberate the brushes from her. The tantrum was EPIC!


On Sunday night I was busy ironing some clothes and Nicola was busy playing
with her toys behind me. My spidy senses kicked in while I was ironing a sheet because she went very quiet. The quiet of someone who is up to something. The quiet of someone who is up to something either naughty or dangerous. I turn around and what do I find?!

Nicola has learnt how to climb. And what has she decided to scale with her newfound skill? The rocking chair! I found her on top of the chair, standing, and getting ready to climb on the armrest. I think I lost two minutes of my life right there from fright. The rest of the evening was spent trying firstly to convince her NOT to climb on the chair (I even turned it over at some point in
desperation, because once she knew she could do it there was no stopping her). When that didn’t work, my next best aim was to teach her to sit on it if she has to instead of standing, and to declare the armrests out of bounds, strictly forbidden, and worthy of a hiding if she doesn’t listen, and then my next thing was to make sure she knows how to get off it again on her own properly too.

Obviously I did not get to finish the ironing…Now the the newness has worn off a bit she’s handling it all pretty nicely. I suppose she has to learn how to sit on proper chair at some point, there’s no point in fighting it. (It’s not like I was winning that battle anyway, let’s not kid ourselves).

Off to go show Pasja a pair of her new shoes. These ones have little lights that come on when you walk, so it’s lead to a lot of foot-stomping, but at least more in dancing way than in that of tantrums.



  1. Ah yes, I remember that feeling of instant aging when you turn around and see your kidlet doing something they shouldn’t… it never goes away!!

  2. She’s getting more and more of those to spring on me. One side of me is terrified on her behalf…the other is secretly a little thrilled that she’s that fearless. 😉

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