Photo Post – Seen Around

26 April , 2011

You’d be excused for thinking this was the skyline of another place, like Cape Town, which is more known for it’s winter rains than Johannesburg. Real duck weather up here lately.

When it rains you can always find something interesting on Robbie’s roof. Usually it’s a pretty large rock on top of a newspaper but this time round he went for something different. (The sunroof doesn’t close properly).

These flowers are in full bloom at my parents place. What do you call them in English? I know them as Afrikaners. Very pretty but smell like khaki bos really. My Gran used to have loads of them in her garden, so they always kind of remind me of school holidays visiting my Ouma Willie in Pietersburg (Polokwane). She had the most beautiful garden ever, we used to have a ball playing there.



  1. aai jongies, mis ek haar darem nou vreeslik baie! Haar tuin en daai akasia boom voor was awesome!! Het darem heelwat lekker stories om oor na te dink en dit is altyd met ‘n glimlag wat my bakkies laat omkrul. Haar gemmer koekies, oros en appels. In die son sit tot ons hare droog is. Die sparkles en nutt puffs sweets … aai jongies … mis ek haar darem nou vreeslik baie!!

  2. I believe those are marigolds.

  3. Yes, we call them marigolds too

  4. Okay…so do you schedule your posts for the week ahead? Because every day you’re the first blog I read. I like it. And I think Angel is right, those are marigolds..

  5. merriemuis, ek ook…

    Angel, nursemyra – thanks! 😀

    Rebecca, yep. I schedule them in more manageable sizes now so I get to go quite far ahead. I thought I had enough posts canned to cover our whole vacation period, but I was off with a few days. *shrug* Oops. 😉 You’ll start seeing posts again now.

  6. Tagetes marigolds, also “french marigold” or “african marigold”. Not the same as what the English in England call “marigold”, which is Calendula officinalis

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