Photo Post – Shop Till You Drop

25 April , 2011

Nicola was in desperate need of a proper winter wardrobe. Armed with my performance bonus we tackled the mall in search of warm clothes and shoes that she’d be willing to wear.

As every athlete knows it’s important to stretch before any big event. Here’s Nicola doing just that with the help of Oupa.

We don’t go to the shops often, especially malls – so everything was new and shiny for her.

But after a couple of gazillion shops you can tell when someone has had enough, when their eyes glaze over and they look like they’re going to drop where they are. Which is exactly what she eventually did.

This is the end result of our morning of hard shopping. That’s what about R2000 worth of toddler clothes looks like if you were wondering. Luckily we bought everything for 2 to 3 years, so maybe, just maybe she’ll be able to wear at least half of it next year too. (surprisingly to me, Nicola is on the short side of average length – TGC and myself both being fairly tall, genetics obviously is having a little giggle about that – I’m just glad my mom knows how to sew and was willing to shorten all the pants for us).




  1. Shopping FTW!!

  2. I love kiddy shopping – when they still let you choose!

    Shopping now – not so much fun anymore πŸ™‚

  3. R2,000??? Holy crap, I’ve never laid it out like that but somehow you’d think you’d get more, right? Anyway, it’s all super cute. Sometimes I wish I had a little girl to dress…

  4. R2000?! Do you know I freak if I spend more than R350 – R400 at one time? πŸ™‚

    But YAYYYYY for performance bonuses πŸ™‚

    My kids also don’t fit into normal clothes – K is too tall and thin so things that fit length-wise are too big around the waist. C seems to have short legs but is generally on the tall side (75th)

  5. Angel, I don’t think the inside of a shop will see me again for a long long time. πŸ˜†

    Laura, I let Nicola choose…sort of…I hold up two choices at a time for her and she picks the one she likes best.

    Rebecca, I know right? It doesn’t look like much but actually it’s quite a bit.

    Marcia, πŸ˜† I usually like to buy a little something every month. Say about R200 or so. But all she needed was winter clothes, and that only came on to the shelves now, so I couldn’t buy ahead like I usually do.

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