Photo Post – Mad Hatters Tea Party

24 April , 2011

A invited me to her 40-1 birthday party with the instruction: “dress to impress!” the theme was mad hatter’s tea party. I love a good dress up party!

I decided that I wanted to go as the Red Queen/Queen of Hearts. When else will you ever get the opportunity to go out in the middle of the day to a tea party wearing an evening gown? Shame, we should have plotted this out a bit better because she ended up with herself the mad hatter, her mom the door-mouse, two alices, 2 white rabbits and the rest all queens. 😆 I did okay though, don’t worry about me – I was the only queen wearing a crown (and mine even said “Off with his head!” on the crown). Pity I couldn’t find my foam rubber sword to go with this. Oh yeah, I had to stop at the Spar on the way there for some smokes and the gentleman behind the counter was so in awe of my outfit that he started giving me free stuff and wished me a lovely date! 😆 I think something went wrong in the translation when I told him I was going to a costume party.

Me, the queen – “Off with his head!”

Here are some of the pics of the day – the food was absolutely amazing. Lots of little things and incredible attention to detail.

201104161474  201104161478  201104161479201104161480 201104161475201104161484 201104161481 201104161482

201104161485  201104161486

I didn’t stay out too long though, but it was nice to get out a bit. Nicola quite enjoyed the crown too as you can see.




  1. I do like a dress up party… 😀

  2. What a cool idea 🙂 Looks like loads of fun!!

  3. YOu always go to the coolest things 🙂 How fun!

    And N’s hair in the previous post is just to die for – such a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Angel, me too!

    Laura, it really was. 😀

    Marcia, I try. 😉 I saw yesterday that Nicola’s hair can actually all go into a pony tail now! But she yanks it out, so we’ll wait a bit with that for now.

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