Photo Post – Everyday Nicola

23 April , 2011

201104141428Somehow one of those giant black moths managed to find it’s way into our cottage. Nicola has been stalking it for days. It has since disappeared. I’m not sure if she caught it when I wasn’t looking or if it escaped as mysteriously as it arrived.

201104141434  Sometimes you just don’t want to wear the damn shoe, no matter how cold it is. At the moment the only shoes I can convince Nicola to wear are slippers. I’m okay with that. I actually went and bought her another 3 sets of slippers, all different types. This seems to be a wining plan for now.

201104151445My little wild child. This is what Nicola looks like in the mornings before I tie her hair up out of her eyes. Doesn’t that just have a wave in it that reminds you of the 70’s?



  1. She really does have the most incredible head of hair!

  2. Angel, thank you. :-)She certainly has the curls I always wished I had.

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