Photo Post – The natural and the not so natural

22 April , 2011

Yep, autumn is definitely here. These leaves are turning at a rate of knots. Soon they’ll all come tumbling down and we’ll be wishing we were the kinds of animals that were allowed to hibernate.

201104121414  201104121415
Breakfast of champs (after chocolate of course). I bought these raspberries
and mulberries from Pick’nPay the other day but found them quite bland and
sour. Nicola wasn’t impressed either, she gave them one quick chew before
gracefully spitting them all over the living room carpet. Anyway, the rest
have been waiting for me to tackle them – and I don’t want to just chuck
them or let them mould in the fridge, so I chopped them each in half and
threw a bit of sugar at them overnight. Absolutely delicious! Not really a
health breakfast per say – but hey, who’s looking?


Someone is having three servings of fruit for lunch? Not me by the way…strictly a drive by shooting. 😉

201104131424Is there anything prettier than the last 2 minutes of a 24 hour download?

201104131425Same tree, one week later…

201104181516My new don’t-ever-check-this-water! battery. I think if this makes that I don’t get another breakdown soon, it might be prettier than those last two minutes.



  1. Ek is mal oor moerbye, maar dan moet dit reguit van die boom af in my mond wees! 😀 Rasberries ook, maar ek kan nie eens onthou wanneer laas ek ‘n bos gesien het nie. Daai batterye werk! Glo my! Geseënde Paasfees vir julle!

  2. I had a battery like that in my Corsa and it was awesome!
    I LOVE berries, but I like their sour tang. 😀

  3. Pikkelik, dankie – Geseende paasfees vir julle ook! Ek moet se^ ek verkies my moerbeie ook reguit van die boom af.

    Angel, so far the battery is holding up good and any battery that allows me to forget about the water is A-okay in my books. 😉

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