Photo Post – A well travelled giraffe

21 April , 2011

Dragging the Giraffe “Perdjie” around early in the morning.


Same Giraffe, very happy to see him again after school. He cruised in the baby seat all the way to the CBD and back with me for the day, quite a well travelled fellow. Some days my car looks like a stuffed toy zoo of some sorts.

Same Giraffe, giving moral support from underneath the table while we read.

At my cousin’s wedding – checking out what’s on the table. As you can see the Giraffe has replaced the Penguin as the nunu of the week. She also has a little lamb which was runner up and who got fed a chocolate Easter egg. Hey, at least she’s sharing right? 😉



  1. I absolutely adore the second photo!

  2. I see that little face every day, aren’t I lucky? 😀

  3. My knucklehead had a teddy he named “Woggy”. He didn’t carry it around with him but when he went to bed Woggy had to be in the bed!

  4. Angel, sweet…I’m kind of glad Nicola isn’t attached to just one thing – makes it easier to sneak it off for a wash every now and then.

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