Photo Post – Jack out of the box

20 April , 2011

Hercules brought a little friend. His name is Jack. He’s a 9 week old miniature sausage doggy (not house trained even one little bit in case you were wondering). I told H that he is not a Jack, he is in fact a Half-Jack! He nipped at Nicola’s heels and I pushed him down (gently) and called him a Flap-Jack, he was also held up at some point as a High-Jack. You get the picture. Anyhoo, he is very cute and Nicola and Jack had a great time playing together. She calls him Jacky.

Jack chasing Nicola.

Nicola chasing Jack.

Nicola and Jack chilling on the lawn.

Nicola feeding Jack grass. She saw him eating it, and after trying a bit for herself, decided he could have it all, and even better, she would pluck it for him. Jack ate every bit she gave him. It was extremely cute. Every blade offered came with, “Jacky! Nyum, nyum, nyum?” to which Jack would obediently chomp the lawn offered. Good dog…



  1. Argh! Cute overload!! 😉

  2. Way too cute!

  3. arkwife & Ms Piggy, I know right? 😀 This kid is absolutely adorable, and she’s all mine.

  4. OH MY WORD – too cute! Love the feeding the dog bit 🙂

  5. Aww how cute!!

  6. Marcia, that was so incredibly sweet. And he was a really willing participant too, grass is not the only thing she tried to feed him.

    Jenty, thank you! 😀

  7. Nou wonder ek net hoekom kry jy nie ook ‘n Jack nie. Dink net, dan hoef jy NOOIT weer gras te sny nie! 😀

  8. Aaaawwww…

  9. Pikkelik, 😆 ek het nie gras nie. Miskien in ons volgende nes sal ek beide gras en “Jack” he^.

    Angel, 😀

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