Photo Post – Ian & Arlene’s Wedding

18 April , 2011

We visited with Ouma and Oupa first before we got ready to go to my cousin’s wedding in PTA. Oupa is quite sneaky with that walk of his, before you know it you’ve been snookered into a much needed nap time before the festivities.

Our friend Hercules came through all the way from Senekal to go with us. By chance he happened to wear this green shirt, which matches a considerable amount of the decor – my brother kept joking with him that he was going to be mistaken for one of the waiters…even though my brother was wearing the exact same shade in stripes! 😆

Too cute…I wonder where this trail of petals go? One day this might be a white dress and high heals, but today she’s just my little girl playing in the flowers.

Look who discovered the DJ’s speaker. She was dancing a bit to the background music too.

The venue has a pool in the middle. They put a cover over for the dance floor which is nice, because at least no one falls in. That bit at the top (in the roof) is where the DJ sits…and he gets up and down there like a monkey, no ladder. We were half tempted to ply him with liquor to see if he’d do a more spectacular dismount. The tables surround the dance floor, and even though it’s actually an outdoor venue each of them in under their own little thatch roof so you’re kind of covered if it starts to rain (which luckily it didn’t).

201104091381 201104091382
All the kids, including mine, on the pool cover dancing. (and giving it a good quality test by jumping, so the adults wouldn’t be afraid to dance on it later). 😉

Chilling with Ouma and checking out the pretty lights on the dance floor at the same time.

It occurs to me that I should perhaps have taken a few pictures of the bride and groom too…I’m a bit of a scatter-brain lately, sorry. Oh well, they had plenty of other people covering that I guess? It was a lovely wedding, and we were very happy to welcome Arlene into our family – even though it feels like she’s been a part of it for yeeeeears already.



  1. oh Louisa! the one of her walking along the petals is too precious. love love love it!

  2. Yes really, 3 loves:)

  3. Ruby, that’s my favourite of this week too! 😀

  4. I can imagine the kids would be tickled pink with a cover over a pool that can be walked and jumped on!

  5. Oh they LOVED it!

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