Oh the drama!

18 April , 2011

Dear people of my computer, allow me to share a few highlights of my morning with you:

Get up and get going as per normal, that bit went just fine. I now pack both Nicola and my own bag the night before so I have a bit of leeway time-wise for those mornings that she (or I) am just not feeling it.

Drop the kids off at schools, and then tackle the next leg of my journey to the CBD. En route, I realise that I will have to stop for fuel and smokes, not a biggy. I just need to cross over the highway first (about 3km) there’s a BP there that I frequent for this usually.

Aaah, but it’s been raining cats and dogs since Friday so at least half of the traffic lights are out getting there. The result: Usually I can get myself from Nicola’s school to town in about 1,5 – 2 hours, it takes me exactly that long to get to the garage (town still being a good 12 km onwards).

I throw the keys at the attendant and zip into the shop for smokes, coffee, Halls and potentially a garage pie (cause I’m hungry and brave that way). Come back and now the debit card which I used seconds ago is declined at the pump. “Wonderful”

We try various machines various times, eventually I count out change from my purse and pay the rest with my credit card. All the way tearing a new ear for the manager because of my inconvenience and so on. More or less at the point where I would ideally have made a grand exit my car decides it’s had enough and refuses to start. “Fabulous”.

I decide to have my coffee and a smoke break in absolute denial and peace before attempting any form of panic. I also make a few calls, as you do. First call my bank (ABSA) to enquire about what possible reason they could have for declining my card when I actually have money in it for a change. Many supervisors are called in to assist – eventually someone realises that they are not being assholes, it’s in fact a security feature. Of which I was unaware of, not that I, the only person to ever use the card, needs to be aware of it obviously. Apparently you can’t swipe your card at the same place twice in a row unless there’s at least half an hour between transactions. Did you know that? I didn’t know that. Neither did the guy at ABSA, or his supervisor, luckily the other one’s supervisor knew or I’d still be moaning at people over the phone about it. It’s not a very good feature in my opinion anyway. I’ve done this many times and this is the first time my dear unknown security feature has bothered to kick in – so I still think they’re assholes.

The next call is my dad of course. Unfortunately he’s in a meeting and I can’t get to him. Not sure what I expected him to do from the CBD himself, but you know how it goes. Wheels fall off, or battery dies, as the case may be – you call your rescue ranger. In my case that’s my dad.

I light another smoke, wonder briefly how far I should stand from the actual petrol station to do that safely while still being able to see my car, and start hunting my own replacement battery. Eventually I find one, it’s 2km in the opposite direction…more or less where I live, and it only took me two hours to get this far away from it begin with. “Beautiful”

With hat in hand I go back into the shop, educate the manager on my card’s amazing security features which I was unaware of, apologise for my earlier outbreak and any mentions of backwater-ness of his establishment and it’s card machines, and ask for a jump so I can get my car off to the other place for a battery replacement. Demurely they accept all explanations, apologies and requests. He rallies some troops to push start my car and after circling the place twice it eventually starts, thank goodness. I drive aaaaaall the way back from where I came, not stopping even once, or slowing down much more than absolutely necessary actually, and get a new battery.

The battery guy is actually a family friend, which then lectures me a bit on why he hasn’t seen us lately…I am a captive audience of course, since my car is dead…*note to self: SET UP THAT VISIT TODAY!* R520 later I have a brand spanking new battery, and one that not only does not require me to check water levels regularly, but on which is it actually actively discouraged – the only true fantastic part of this entire story.

As I pull off from there to get myself to work in a hurry, I see the ominous flashing of speed cameras in my wake. “Great”

The universe is telling me I should have stayed in bed today, not so?

I eventually rock up at work a mere 3 hours late, of course everyone is very glad to see me. Have i also mentioned that my flu seems to be back with a vengeance? Well it is. At the risk of tempting fate, I think I have my Monday’s share of drama under the belt, and the rest of this week should be smooth sailing all the way to Friday when we’re going on holiday. Wooooot! 😀

Have a kick-ass week kids…hope you get to be the one who does the kicking!



  1. Goodness me! And you still actually went to work!!

    Can only get better from here hey 🙂

  2. So sorry to hear that your morning was not so great, but at least you had the time to have a decent coffee and siggy before work. The rest of your week should go down fairly awesome…

  3. Lord I’d have been spitting spiders!
    Ryan also had problems with traffic this morning – he was also thoroughly unimpressed.

    I commend your calmness, I would have gone back home to bed and called in sick!

  4. Sheesh cuz. I would’ve phoned in as well. You’re a saint for actually going in to work and not just giving up. I’m sure your week can only look up from here 🙂

  5. Okay, I laughed and laughed and only because I could SO visualise you in denial having a smoke and a coffee 🙂


    I really, really would have turned around and gone home (enjoyed that baby-free time to catch up on house stuff). And I can’t believe you spend that time EITHER way – I thought it was one way.

    Seriously, what a terrible start to the morning – I’d say you deserve a smooth rest of MONTH.

    And I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOO glad I moved from the red bank – seriously. I REALLY need to blog about it.

  6. Dude… you went to WORK after that?!! jeez, you need a salary raise for being so dedicated.
    P.S. How’s that pie working out for you? 😉

  7. Laura, Scared Mom, Sunshine, Arkwife – yep…went to work. Spent about 3 hours there after I spent 4 hours getting there. Then left early to go the doctor. I’ve been booked off for the rest of the week and am currently wondering if I should just stay in bed or actually rock up for the two meetings I have scheduled already and just take the rest off. What say you?

    Marcia, it’s okay to laugh. I’d have laughed too if it wasn’t me. Anyhoo, at some point things can just get so ridiculous that it becomes pointless to be worked up about it, doesn’t it. I see no reason to be hysterical ontop of all the other drama I already had for the day. 😉

    Don’t believe, wouldn’t you just know it – I am in fact staring an increase in the eyes come the 27th, plus I had a lil bonus on the 8th (which is why neither the replacement of the battery unexpectedly, not the declining of the card rattled my cage terribly). The pie is working out better than expected, but I’m not completely out of the woods until tomorrow same time I think.

  8. Enjoy the time off, I’m currently so sick I cant even smoke, then you know its bad.

  9. Shame man, I hope you feel better soon!

  10. […] new don’t-ever-check-this-water! battery. I think if this makes that I don’t get another breakdown soon, it might be prettier than those […]

  11. Its best, on mornings like that, to give in and chill rather than stress about when you’re going to get to work.
    I had a battery like that one in my Corsa- it was recommended when I had to replace the battery and I didn’t replace it again until I sold it!

  12. Angel, you know me hun…I’m not overly stressed about anything. 😉

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